SMA (France)

Société de Motorisations Aéronautique (SMA) is a joint effort owned equally by EADS, Renault Sport, and SNECMA. SMA is located at Lognes-Marne-la-Valée, France, a general aviation airport in an eastern suburb of Paris. The firm was founded in 1997 by Aerospatiale (now EADS) and Renault Sport to develop general aviation HOAEs specifically for European applications. SNECMA became a member of the joint effort in 2000. The main idea was to develop a modern four-stroke cycle, fuel-injected, turbocharged diesel engine that could run on JetA fuel. The resulting engine, originally called the MR200, is now called the SR305-230 and is described below. The prototype engine ran in 1/97 and first flew on 3/3/98 in the Socata TB-20 GT. Information can be found on the SMA Website. The engine has received a European type certificate by the Joint Aeronautics Authority (JAA) and a US TC by the FAA.

O-305 (Diesel) -- {N/A / N/A / 304.4} / {N/A / N/A / 4988}

4cyl; SR305-230; 197hp@2200rpm, 226hp@2200 (TO); 1997-present; Wt = 399#; France, JAA TC = M 23 on 4/20/01; Germany, LBA TC = 4621; US FAA TC = E00067EN on 7/8/02.
Four-stroke, air-cooled (with secondary oil cooling), fuel-injected, turbocharged diesel engine.
Several contemporary aircraft are in the certification process (TC or STC) for application of this engine, as indicated below, with several others in the planning stages; see the SMA Website for current status.
J97-98to present.
Applications: (France) Reims Aviation (Cessna licensee) F182 Skylane series (STC obtained by SMA in 9/03); Socata MS 200 FG, MS 200 RG, TB-20 GT (first testbed; STC being sought by SMA); Zephyr Alize (projected); (India) NAL HANSA 4 (TC being sought); (Italy) Vulcanair (formerly Partenavia) P68 Series Diesel (TC being sought); (US) Cessna 182 Skylane series (testbed jointly between SMA and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; STC obtained by SMA in 9/03), 337 Skymaster (STC being sought by SuperSkyrocket, LLC., the successor to Riley Aircraft); Cirrus Design SR-21tdi (under development for TC); Maule M-9 (in development flying for TC); Piper PA-25 Pawnee (STC being sought by AeroDiesel Engines of Mexico), PA-28-236 Dakota (STC being sought by Aero-Diesel Propulsion, Inc. in US).


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