Bakanov, Voronezh, VOKBM
(Russian Federation)

Voronezhskoyeoptyno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro Motorostroyeniya (VOKBM) of Voronezh, Russian Federation is the principal developer and producer of piston engines in Russia and has roots in the Soviet Union era. I. M. Vedeneyev was General Constructor of the Bureau from 1960-1973 and developed the M-3, M-14, and other well-known piston engines originally designed by A. G. Ivchyenko, who died in 1968. Professor A. G. Bakanov suceeded Vedeneyev in 1973 and is responsible for developing the HOAE described below (J95-96; VK). Details of all engines by VOKBM, including those below, can be found in Kotelnikov's book "Russian Piston Aero Engines" (VK). In the early 2000s, VOKBM was reported (on a Website that is no longer active) to be considering development to production of the Italian VM Motori-designed turbodiesel HOAE, but the status is unknown to the compiler.

N/A (2-Stroke) -- {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

2cyl; Bakanov M-18-01; 40hp@N/A rpm (TO); 1982-2000; Wt = 62#.
Carbureted engine, geared to N/A; it had a rear-mounted direct-drive supercharger and was designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The M-18-02 version was rated at 54hp, with differences unknown to the Compiler, and was developed for ultralight aircraft. Neither version was produced beyond prototypes.
AI8/92; BGE; BGP; BGR; J91-92toJ99-00; VK.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Kamerton A2.

N/A (2-Stroke) -- {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

4cyl; Bakanov M-19, VOKBM M-29; 80hp@N/A rpm; 1991-2000; Wt = 77#.
Carbureted engine, geared to N/A; the differences, if any, between the M-19 and the M-29 are not known by the compiler. However, the M-19 designation is used in Bill Gunston's books (BGE, BGR), while the M-29 designation is used in Kotelnikov's book (VK). The engine design has been transferred from VOKBM to the Kazan (KMPO) bureau for development as the P-800 and P-1000.
AI8/92; BGE; BGR; J91-92toJ99-00; VK.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Aviatika 890.

N/A -- {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

4cyl; Bakanov M-17; 173hp@2950rpm; 1992-2000; Wt = 260#.
Fuel-injected engine with a planned increase to 200hp@N/A rpm; the M-17F version was developed with a goal of 250hp@N/A rpm and weighs 359#. The M-17F version is reported (VK) to operate at a higher rpm and presumably is geared to a lower propeller rotational velocity.
AI8/92; BGE; BGP; BGR; J91-92toJ99-00; VK.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Beriev Be-103 amphibian twin; Ilyushin Il-103; RT-6 wing-in-ground-effect vehicle (Ekranoplan); Tupolev Tu-34; Yak-112.

OL-260 -- {4.134 / 3.228 / 260.0} / {105 / 82 / 4260}

6cyl; Bakanov M-6; 340hp@N/A rpm; 2000-present; Wt = 595#.
Liquid-cooled, high crankshaft rpm, geared engine; technology and production techniques were based on evaluation of aircraft-engine conversions from modern Subaru and Porsche PFM 3200 six-cylinder horizontally-opposed automobile engines.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Ilyushin Il-103 (planned).


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