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NAME Email Address Location Note
AHS Class of 1967 Email N/A Email Address
Abel, Patti (Hollenberger) Crossville, TN Student Council
Abrom, Naomi (Redding) unknown Band
Adcox, Andrea (Hudson) Anderson, IN Choral Club
Agnew, Lloria (Wilson) unknown Chesterfield, IN General
Akers, Steve   Pub Rep
Alexander, Edie unknown Anderson, IN Caduceus Club
Alfrey, Diane (Gale) Anderson, IN Voc Dept Asst
Alldredge, John Leesburg, IN Band Lighting
Ancil, Terry unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Anderson, Jo Ann (Kennedy) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Archey, Marlene C unknown St Louis, MO Caduceus Club
Arms, Larry unknown Anderson, IN Student Council
Armstrong, Evelyn (Watson) Anderson, IN Caduceus Club
Asher, Larry unknown Markleville, IN General
Atwell, Cindy (Closser) unknown Anderson, IN General
Ault, Janice (Black) Anderson, IN Caduceus Club
Aynes, Terry Trinidad, TX Choral Club
Bahler, John Indianapolis, IN Golf, Baseball
Bailey, Lucille (Morgan) unknown Indianapolis, IN  Future Teachers
Bailey, William James unknown Anderson, IN Track
Baker, David Lee unknown Pendleton, IN General
Baker, Gary Lee unknown Anderson, IN  Thespians
Ball, Everett D. unknown Anderson, IN General
Ball, Karen (Alford) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Ballard, Ann (McCord) Fishers, IN General
Ballinger, Rosemary (Roselle) Anderson, IN Orchestra
Banning, Richard (Dick) Plano, IL Student Council
Barfield, Virginia (May)  unknown Anderson, IN  General
Barnett, Carolyn (Berry) unknown Anderson, IN Honor Society
Barron, Gary T unknown Pendleton, IN Track
Beaman, Daniel E Hamilton, IN Swimming
Benak, Henry T unknown Windfall, IN General
Berard, Kathy (Kovacs) unknown Sebring, FL Caduceus Club
Bernhardt, Richard L (Dick) unknown Greenwood, IN Band
Biddle, Roger L unknown Middletown, IN General
Bivens, James unknown Vonore, TN Football
Blair, Paul (Jr) unknown Elwood, IN Pre-Engineering
Blowers, Harry B Alexandria, IN  Wrestling
Blubaugh, John Oakland, KY Band First Sgt
Boerner, Tim W unknown Anderson, IN General
Boffing, Donna (York) unknown Anderson, IN Cheerleader
Braden, Charles M unknown Anderson, IN General
Brattain, Larry W Woodbury, MN Band
Brown, Cathy (Bitner) unknown Anderson, IN Future Teachers
Brummett, H. Eugene unknown Anderson, IN General
Brumback, Larry E unknown Indianapolis, IN Madrigal
Buck, James W unknown Middletown, IN General
Burnes, Gary L Bossier City, LA Band Crew
Burris, Mary (Pope) unknown Markleville, IN General
Burris, Pam (Shuster) unknown Monticello, KY Student Council
Butler, Kathy (Keith) Sun City Center, FL HmRm Treas
Cade, Deanna (Smith) unknown Alexandria, IN Thespians
Callaway, Susan (Bryan) unknown Pasadena, CA Caduceus Club
Carpenter, Sharon Noblesville, IN Future Sec'y
Caplinger, Kathy (McCabe) unknown Anderson, IN Thespians
Carey, Ronnie L Anderson, IN Technical
Carmack, John O unknown Hector, AR Technical
Chenoweth, Clyde unknown Anderson, IN  
Clarey, Michael A unknown Alexandria, IN General
Clark, Alan Anderson, IN Athletics
Clark, Celia (La Rue) unknown Anderson, IN General
Clear, Todd New York, NY Honor Society
Clem, Paul C unknown Idaho Springs, CO Baseball
Clevenger, Richard A unknown Anderson, IN General
Clifton, Rick N unknown Band
Closser, Steve unknown Anderson, IN General
Coale, Paula A St Paul, MN Thespians
Coe, Marta A unknown Andercon, IN X-Ray Staff
Coffin, John M Anderson, IN Debate/Speech
Collins, Pam (Jordan) Anderson, IN Home Ec
Collins, Susan (Hedgecraft) Middletown, IN Business
Colvill, Bob unknown Anderson, IN General
Conner, Don New Albany, IN Annual Staff
Conner, James B Ft Wayne, IN General
Cook, Carol (Richardson) Carmel, IN Class Treas
Courter, Gary W unknown Anderson, IN  Track
Cox, Leon E unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Crane, Connie Minneapolis, MN Choral, Madrigals
Crawford, Jerry W unknown Anderson, IN General
Crouse, Earl E unknown Anderson, IN  General
Crouse, Patti (Baker) unknown Anderson, IN General
Crouse, Susan (Green) unknown Anderson, IN General
Crumes, Gregory unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Cummings, James R unknown Anderson, IN General
Curless, Debby (Bowser) unknown Columbia City, IN Cheerleader
Curry, Sherry (Janes) unknown Austell, GA Indian Maiden
Daigneault, Stephanie (Ehle) unknown Oxnard, CA Student Council
Dailey, Roland R unknown Anderson, IN  College Prep
Daugherty, Julia (Amrine) unknown Anderson, IN General
Davenport, Dale E Clearwater, FL unknown
Davis, Mac unknown Anderson, IN Football
Davis, Robert L unknown Anderson, IN Track
Deck, William Dewayne unknown Golden, CO  Choral Club
Degraffenreid, Natalie K unknown Akron, OH General
Dewitt, Jerry L unknown Markleville, IN Technical
Dickson, Richard C unknown Anderson, IN General
Dollens, Cindy (Carter) unknown Anderson, IN Head Indianette
Dollens, Randy unknown Anderson, IN Golf
Donnelly, Richard L unknown Anderson, IN  College Prep
Douglass, Bob Federal Way, WA Band
Doyle, Johnnie L Anderson, IN Technical
East, Chris (Carney) Anderson, IN Student Council
East, Tim Nashville, TN Athletics
Edwards, Dan unknown unknown Thespians
Edwards, Jim A unknown Chesterfield, IN Track
Edwards, Roberta L (Huntley) unknown Alexandria, IN Honor Society
Elijah, Susan (Boone) unknown Anderson, IN Indianettes
Ellis, Linda (James) unknown Anderson, IN Cheerblock
Embre, Larry J Anderson, IN Honor Society
Embree, Linda (Scherer) Anderson, IN Band Indianette
England, Sandi (Quesinberry) unknown Anderson, IN General
Erskine, Carl D (Danny) unknown Anderson, IN  Basketball
Erskine, Pamela (Martin) unknown Anderson, IN General
Eutsler, Dan Anderson, IN Band
Everman, Dan J unknown Anderson, IN  Honor Society
Fairchild, James D unknown Anderson, IN General
Farris, Arthur L unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Felts, Arthur unknown Dixon, IL College Prep
Fenwick, Rick Walled Lake, MI Orchestra
Fisher, Teresa (Wilkinson) Jeffersonville, IN Cheer Block
Flanagan, Dorothea (Blackwelder) Sam Antonio, TX Choral Club
Foland, Thomas E unknown Anderson, IN Cross Country
Forcum, John W Hartford City, IN Tennis
Fox, Steve L Hillard, OH Choral, Orchestra
Francis, Ruth Ann (Bowman) Montague, MI X-Ray Staff
Franklin, George (Mike) unknown Track Mgr
Galbraith, Jeffrey A Greenfield, MA unknown
Galmore, Jimmie L unknown Chicago, IL General
Garringer, Rex unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Garriott, Nancy E (Head) Noblesville, IN Cheerleader
Gault, Charles M unknown Lapel, IN General
Gentry, Rozanne (Farmer) unknown Seattle, WA General
Gibbons, Bob L unknown St Petersburg, FL Band
Goodwin, Carol (Hodges) Jefferson, GA Class Secretary
Greenlee, Vickie (Reed) unknown Anderson, IN Home Ec
Griffin, Elizabeth (Feemster) unknown Dallas, TX X Ray Staff
Griffin, Mae (Jones) unknown unknown
Grimes, Wendy unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Groover, Denise (Miller) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Haas, Barbra (Haley) unknown New Palestine, IN Indianettes
Hager, James W unknown Alexandria, IN Technical
Hamilton, Cheryl (Vetor) unknown Tilden, IL Choral Club
Hancock, Vivian (Heckman) unknown Indianapolis, IN Honor Society
Harms, Marilyn (Laughlin) Chanute, KS Cheerleader
Harness, Viki (Zito) unknown Springboro, OH General
Harris, Christine (Wilkerson) unknown Anderson, IN General
Harris, Keith E unknown X-Ray Staff
Hearvey, Joann (McNab) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Hellems, Steve unknown Anderson, IN  Band
Henderson, Clifford G (Cliff) Anderson, IN Technical
Herkomer, King R Anderson, IN Football
Highsmith, Diana (Greiner) unknown Sanibel, FL Honor Society
Hinners, Johnny unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Holliday, William C unknown Anderson, IN Band
Holtzleiter, Jon C unknown Anderson, IN Pre-Engineering
Hoover, Bruce unknown Anderson, IN Student Council
Hornbeck, Belita (Renner) New Castle, IN Cheerleader
Hornbeck, Larry R unknown Anderson, IN Technical
Hosier, Michael L unknown Saginaw, MI Wrestling
Hudson, Andrea unknown unknown Band, Orchestra
Hudson, Ora Lee unknown Anderson, IN General
Huff, Danny S unknown Anderson, IN General
Hughes, David unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Hummerickhouse, Linda (Hunt) Anderson, IN Pub Rep
Ingles, Judy (Arnrine) unknown Alexandria, IN General
Jack, Anita (Vaughn) Anderson, IN Cheerblock
Jalace, James T unknown Ormond Beach, FL General
Janes, Jane (Cook) Anderson, IN Student Council
Janes, Mickey C unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Jarrett, Kenneth unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Jenkins, Patti (Abshire) Johnson City, TN Honor Society
Jones, Linda (Pardue) unknown Anderson, IN Student Council
Jones, Leann (Goodman) Anderson, IN Student Council
Jones, Louis D unknown Anderson, IN General
Jones, Marvin Steve unknown McCordsville, IN Business
Jones, Ronald K unknown Anderson, IN General
Johnson, Diana (Binnion) Anderson, IN X-Ray Staff
Johnson, Jean (Broadnax) unknown Anderson, IN Band
Johnson, Johnnie Anderson, IN Football
Johnson, Verilla (Norrick) unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Jolliff, Nancy (Ellingwood) Noblesville, IN unknown
Alarcon, Ethel (Josliin) unknown unknown Business
Joy, John L unknown Anderson, IN  Technical
Keeney, John H Peru, IN Football
Keesling, Dan M unknown Anderson, IN Cross Counrty
Kellams, Leigh Ann (McIlrath) unknown Middletown, IN  General
Kelly, Brenda (Clark) Anderson, IN X-Ray Staff
Key, Connie (Nipple) unknown Plano, Tx Orchestra
Kiely, Mike Anderson, IN Golf
Kincaid, Gregg unknown Anderson, IN Swimming
Kinser, Michael S Portland, IN General
Kirk, Vivian L (Hodges) unknown Anderson, IN  General
Koob, Nancy E (Staley) unknown Sebring, FL Business
King, Bill unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Lanane, Mike M unknown Anderson, IN General
Lander, Tony M Beavercreek, OH Football
Lane, Steve Ft Wayne, IN Class Vpres
Lanier, Lois (Kleinhenn) Laurel, MD Honor Soc Treas
Lavelle, Mary A Anderson, IN French Club
Lawler, Floyd unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
Lewark , Jeanne (Smith) unknown Markleville, IN Honor Society
Lewis, (Ball) Carole unknown Anderson, IN Business
Lewis, Richard D unknown Alexandria, IN General
Long, Rick East Lansing, MI Band Captain
Lortz, Elizabeth (Herrington) unknown Anderson, IN Thespians
Loucks, Michael H unknown Anderson, IN Cross Country
Louderback, Mary (Crisler) unknown Anderson, IN Student Council
Loveless, John D unknown Anderson, IN General
Lovett, Becky A. (Temple) unknown General
Lowe, Joseph E unknown Anderson, IN General
Luntsford, Larry West Hollywood, CA Honor Society
McClintock, Joseph A unknown Baltimore, MD College Prep
McCord, Lucinda (Gilliam) Anderson, IN Annual Editor
McCormack, David L unknown Anderson, IN Baseball
McCullough, Tommie unknown Anderson, IN Baseball
McMahon, Jim unknown Simsbury, CT Football
McNabb, Michael E unknown Anderson, IN unknown
McNeill, Dorothy (Lewis) San Diego, CA Student Council
McVey, Joseph R Anderson, IN Football
Mahler, Terri (Whicker)   Indianapolis, IN General
Marshall, Gloria (Carpenter) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Martens, Vickie (Burks) Fort Dodge, IA Cheerleader
Massey, Johnny M unknown Anderson, IN General
Mathweman, John M unknown Indianapolis, IN Track
Mathewman-Lane, Nancy (Robeton) Macomb, IL Yearbook Queen
Maupin, Arthur R unknown Pedleton, IN General
Metzger, Kathy (Polk) Indianapolis, IN Honor Society
Miller, Paulette (Bennett) unknown North Fort Meyers, FL Choral Club
Molinar, Diana (Hart) Greenfield, IN Band
Montgomery, William unknown Indianapolis, IN Football
Moody, Linda (Rinker) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Moore, Ann Marie (Bauer) unknown Walton, IN Orchestra
Morgan, Jimmy D unknown Anderson, IN General
Muir, Rick Anderson, IN Athletics
Mullins, Gary A unknown Middletown, IN Technical
Mumbower, Jim unknown Anderson, IN Technical
Musser, Bud Seoul, Korea / Roswell, GA Swimming
Nance, Debra L unknown Anderson, IN Ceduceus Club
Neal, Donald E unknown Anderson, IN Football
Neale, William A Northville, MI Honor Society
Nelson, Sherry (Orr) Sycamore. IL Band Treas
Newman, Linda (Goodwin) unknown Anderson, IN Cheerblock
Nicholson, Paul M Anderson, IN General
Nickerson, Cora (Cunningham) Ingalls, IN unknown
Nicoson, Teresa (Sutherland) unknown Louisville, KY Cheerleader
Nottingham, Ken unknown Anderson, IN Band Lighting
Nunn, David unknown Anderson, IN  General
O'Brien, Rebecca S (Hendricks) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Ogle, Sandra K (Perkins) unknown Pendleton, IN Annual Staff
Oshier, Daniel R unknown Daleville, IN Wrestling
Ott, Michael A unknown Pendleton, IN College Prep
Owen, Thomas L unknown Anderson, IN French Club
Painter, Larry W unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Pendergrass, Susan (Jones) Ft Wayne, IN Student Council
Penry, Rebecca (Roush) unknown Anderson, IN General
Peters, Nancy (Modlin) unknown Anderson, IN General
Petry, Joseph L unknown Anderson, IN General
Phillips, Mina (Foley) unknown Anderson, IN Future Teachers
Phillips, Ruth E unknown Ft Wayne, IN Choral Club
Pine, Diana (Hobbs) unknown Chocktaw, OK 73020 Indianettes
Porter, Dave Los Angeles, CA Thespians
Prichard, Stephen M Malvern, PA Annual, X-Ray
Pritt, Al unknown Daleville, IN Band
Privett, Bruce unknown Anderson, IN Tennis
Rambus, John unknown Anderson, IN College Prep
Reardon, Robert E unknown Hilton Head, SC Tennis
Records, Connie (Gourley) unknown Anderson, IN Honor Society
Reedy, Kay (Harris) unknown Middletown, IN General
Reeves, Sybill F (Hodges) unknown Pendleton, IN General
Reynolds, Larry E unknown Anderson, IN Student Council
Reynolds, Rita (Brewer) Elwood, IN Cheer Block
Rhoda, Vic unknown North Branch, MI Cross Country
Rhodes, Janna (Matheny) unknown Anderson, IN General
Rice, Ralph E unknown Anderson, IN General
Richardson, Jim unknown Alexandria, IN Annual Staff
Richardson, Sammy K unknown Anderson, IN College Prep
Riddle, David unknown Anderson, IN General
Rinker, Mike L unknown Anderson, IN Technical
Robbins, Gordon T Carmel, IN Baseball
Roddy, Minnie (Watson) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Roe, Steve B unknown Anderson, IN Baseball
Rodgers, Terry J (Cook) unknown Anderson, IN Orchestra
Rose, Cathy (Gustin) Anderson, IN General
Russell, Edward M unknown Orlando, FL Technical
Saylor, Roger unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Scott, Christina (Baer) unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Scott, Richard E unknown Anderson, IN General
Schaller, Harold A unknown Anderson, IN Wrestling
See, Cheryl A (Bauer)  unknown Anderson, IN General
Sheets, Phil D unknown Vinton, VA Football
Sherman, Marilyn (Tegge) San Diego, CA Orchestra
Scharnowske, Robert S unknown Alexandria, IN Basketball
Shelton, Melita (Hudson) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Shepard, Marylou (Dew) Indianapolis, IN French Club
Shirley, Bill unknown Anderson, IN General
Simmons, Wesley unknown Anderson, IN unknown
Slattery, James E unknown Anderson, IN Swimming
Slick, Shirley (Huitema) Colorado Springs, CO Band Librarian
Slick, Steve Fairland, IN Band Lighting
Slusser, Terry L unknown Anderson, IN Technical
Smiley, Ron J unknown Anderson, IN Cross Country
Smith, Gerry unknown Anderson, IN Baseball
Smith, Mike Decatur, IN Football
Smith, Roderick M unknown Anderson, IN General
Snell, Darlene (Ashburn) unknown Woodbury, NJ Business
Snelson, Barbra C unknown Anderson, IN  General
Snelson, Richard E unknown Anderson, IN  Band
Snow, Robert L Kokomo, IN NCC Golf Champion
Sokol, Bev unknown Playa Del Ray, CA Thespians
Spaulding, Bobbie (Robinson) unknown Anderson, IN General
Spohnholtz, Bob S St Petersburg, FL General
Spohnholtz, Marie (Hartzell) St Petersburg, FL unknown
Spurlin, Ronnie E unknown Anderson, IN General
Stafford, Becky (Rodecap) South Bend, IN Madrigal Singers
Steans, Bruce A unknown Sacramento, CA College Prep
Stith, Deborah G unknown Anderson, IN General
Surbaugh, Steve Atlanta, GA Class President
Taft, Lois (Beeman) Osseo, WI Choral Club
Tassen, Paula (Zearbaugh) Millville, CA Cheerblock
Taylor, Ola (Burris) Birmingham, MI General
Thacker, Danny W unknown Anderson, IN  Business
Thomas, Larry W unknown Oak Harbor, WA Football
Thomas, Timothy G unknown Anderson, IN General
Thomason, Mike (Dallas) Silver Spring, MD Tennis
Tomlison, Judy (Carpenter) unknown Alexandria, IN  Indianettes
Townsend, Linda (Warbington) Fishers, IN Band
Tragemann, Rita (Richwine) Tuscaloosa, AL Choralettes
Tuckerman, Gail (Garner) Coker, AL Business
Vangets, Dana H unknown Muncie, IN Basketball
Vaughn, Charles L Anderson, IN  Cross Country
Vilcsek, Mark Belmont, CA Football
Wade, Linda J unknown Anderson, IN General
Wallace, Susie unknown Anderson, IN General
Waltermire, Marsha (Cage) unknown New Palestine, IN Caduceus Club
Wehrley, Don R unknown Alexandria, IN General
Wehner, Kay (Anderson) unknown Anderson, IN Business
Welker, Vickie (Adams) unknown Wingo, KY General
Wellington, Rennell (Hamilton) unknown Indianapolis, IN General
Wheadon, Cheryl (Schmitt) Anderson, IN Business
White, Patricia A (Fuller) unknown Decatur, AL General
Wihebrink, Jeffrey L unknown Ft Wayne, IN Football
Wilder, George K Anderson, IN Nat Merit Scholar
Wilder, Melanie (Michael) Anderson, IN X-Ray Staff
Wilhoitte, Ginger A unknown Anderson, IN General
Williamson, Rex A unknown Anderson, IN General
Wood, Donna (Martin) unknown General
Woodall, Edgar M unknown Anderson, IN Baseball
Worl, Lana (Morgan) unknown Okeana, OH Student Council
Worrell, Tari (Leath) unknown Middletown, IN Exec Council
Wright, Julia (Rariden) unknown Vevay, IN  X Ray Staff
Wright, Roosevelt unknown Anderson, IN General
Wrin Teresa (Staub) unknown Anderson, IN General
Zook Charles D unknown Chesterfield, IN Fooltball
Zook, Chris (Seal) unknown Chesterfield, IN Student Council


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