Murder Mystery 1995
Murder Mystery 1995

This was our Second Annual Murder Mystery Party. This game wasn't the quality of the first game but the guests we choose to participate made up for the complexity of the plot.

The Chicago Caper

The GangThis is the whole cast of our production. The scene was Chicago in the Roaring 20's.
From left to right:
Eddie "Socks" R. Gyle
"Silky" M. Adam
Malissa F. Orrthot "Scoop"
Earnest ("Bet A Million") G. Ambler
Billy "The Kid" Thrower
Anna Maria Carlotta Sassine "Torchy"
Molly M. Awbsterr
S. Treighton Harrow

Marsha, Karen, Annie and Wanda"The Girls"

Ron, Mitch, Jeff and Alan"The Guys"
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