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Being a native Oregonian I learned to enjoy the outdoors at an early age. Camping and hiking trips with my family sparked an appreciation of nature. I became more interested in photography in the 80's, which led to photography classes at Lane Community College. Also while attending a Cibachrome workshop with Christopher Burkett I was intrigued with the quality and detail that the large format camera could provide. Soon after I acquired a 4x5" view camera to record the Northwest's unique landscapes. Then I had the good fortune to work for Christopher Burkett, the renowned Fine Art photographer and Cibachrome printer. That apprenticeship showed me how fine color printing can be most fully expressed. I also learned more about using a view camera and accurate color balance adjustment. Recently I have switched to a Digital SLR camera. I held off for a time as the technology advanced, not sure if it would offer the kind of quality I wanted. But I am happy with the digital system now, and believe it has much to offer photography. The workflow is more streamlined; from taking the picture, adjusting it on a computer, then printing it on a high quality Epson printer. The intermediate steps of previous film, developing-then scanning to digital are gone now-no longer necessary.



Artist Statement


My work falls into the category of straight photography. This means I don't employ any camera tricks or unusual filters to distort the scene I record. There is nothing fake about an image I photograph or print. Nature in my view doesn't need any artificial enhancements or effects, what is already present is inspiring and beautiful in its original form. It takes hard work and perseverance to create a meaningful image; no shortcuts or substitute for creativity will produce true quality. I strive to maintain as direct a link to the scene as possible. At times nature reveals a special light, a brief moment where everything falls into place. A sense of life and energy independent of us comes from the scene, and yet we are a part of it as well. To express that beauty and feeling is my goal as a photographer. Seeking to capture nature's vast colors, depth and detail is a rewarding challenge that takes time. The final print should speak to us in many ways, and suggest that we have participated in the experience of that beauty. Nature's boundless beauty and form is ever present, always changing. The appreciation of our landscape can only help to renew and invigorate us, thus opening our perceptions further.




Charnelton Place Cafe' show

Charnelton Place Cafe' show




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