Quality work & friendly employees

At a young age I realized working with my hands was what I wanted to do. Coming from a family that values craftsmanship, put me on the path of being a contractor. My first training was drywall and patch repair for a relatives business. This continued for several years, learning drywall & patching thoroughly. In time I went to work for a local painting business. This experience, along with my grandfather, taught me more of the craft of painting & contracting. Using only high quality paints & materials, this was the foundation of my future business model. Proper preparation and quality paints along with good craftsmanship was the goal. What is craftsmanship? “Its proper finish in a job derived from skill, experience, and patience” Every paint job should be like your own.

I got my contractor’s license in 1997 and started to build cliental. I began hiring employees as the business grew. Their keen eye for detail is important to the business. In time, another painter was added, Alan Simmons who is also a landscape photographer with numerous awards. I wanted to build a painting company with emphasis on durable products, craftsmanship, and reasonable prices.

Our goal is simple; provide customers with a good paint job suited to their personal needs & desires. No matter what size of job, premium quality paints (exceeding standard contractor grade) from Forrest will be used & applied in a variety of ways. This insures the paint job will last a long time, & protect the customer’s investment. We believe this is the best way to build a respectable & enduring reputation. Doing a paint job we can take pride in is important. In addition, word of mouth recommendations from previous customers is the best advertising we have experienced. We want satisfied customers.