Here are some progression pics of my '05 Rubicon.

Lot of pics, so please be patient...

It is mostly stock here, with Rampage Products SRS Front/Rear Bumpers.

Here it is with a 2" Budget Boost (that my brother Mike and I installed, with some last minute help from my bud Cory...thanks again, guys) and Rampage Products SRS side steps (thanks for your help, dad).

And here with ProComp 7005 Series Rims on XTreme M/T LT285/70R17s (33s).

I have a 4" Full Traction Performance lift on the way.  I need a bit more lift up front so my tires won't rub my fender flares.  I chose not to put the 1" body lift on...why?  I'm not arguing about it...let's just say it was only my preference not to install it.

Some mods I've made to it besides the bumpers, steps, BB, rims, tires...I've installed a custom air intake to actually get cold air, notice I've drilled and plugged a hole in my scoop to gain access to the center screw in the Fresh Air Vent (not to mention the 3" diameter hole I drilled in the firewall...ouch).  I got this idea from "rockdawg" on's forum, thanks dawg!


A Bestop Oversize Tire Carrier, and yes, drilling more holes...great product, though!


And finally, the 4" Full Traction Lift!!! Thanks for all the help, Jimbo and Bob!

Just Flexin' a bit in the yard! One of the neighbors thought I was crazy!

It finds mud, too! Unfortunately, very soft mud!!!

Briggs givin' me a hand! I know, 'Hahaha! You got stuck!' Well, it happens...

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008...Avella's Volunteer Fire Dept. held their 1st annual

Jeep Roundup.  They had a rock crawling area, mud and log crawling area, an RTI ramp, etc.

My RTI was 650.  My Jeep also won a trophy for Best of Show for the TJ '97-'06 class!

Here's my other toy!

Thanks for looking!