Our mission...

We are committed to giving your company a professionally designed web site at a price that keeps you within your budget.

Who we are

Codesketching Designs is your headquarters for professional web site development at an affordable price. We custom design sites to match your companies image and budget.

Design and Development

Since 1998, Codesketching Designs has been designing and developing computer software for businesses. Codesketching Designs helps small businesses become part of this growing advertising and information trend occurring today on the Internet by providing small businesses a professional world-wide web presence quickly and efficiently.

Turnkey Packages

We can put together an affordable turnkey (all inclusive) package that gets your business on the web with little effort on your part. Your web site will have a professional web name www.yourcompany.com. This differs from some web design companies that attempt to provide a less expensive web page design service by appending your internet web page name onto their company's web site name. This not only appears unprofessional, but makes locating a business on the web very difficult for consumers if they simply key the company's name within a browser. We also honor any hosting companies that you might already have a working relationship with.

Registration and Hosting

Our Turnkey package includes a web analysis to determine your business's best web presence, registration with a nationally known Web Site Storage provider, web page design and publication, registration with the Internet NIC, E-mail and finally registration with multiple world wide web search engines such as Goole, Yahoo!, Altavista, Hotbot and InfoSeek to name a few.

Our Services include

  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Database intergrated applications development
  • Search Engine Submission
  • e-Commerce
  • Local Advertising
  • Site Redirection

Thank you for cosidering Codesketching Designs as your on-ramp to the Internet superhighway.

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