Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bianca featured in Arkansas

In honor of missing children's month the rural town of Clarksville, Arkansas did something very special for the families of 24 missing children on May 2, 2008. It all began when Chief Greg Donaldson, having children of his own, believed not only that he could do something to help find missing children, but that he should do something to help. It didn't take much urging to convince his mayor and the townspeople that whatever the cost, these children needed their help.

With the help of the Morgan Nick Foundation and Colleen Nick, mother of missing child Morgan, from AR, this town police department unveiled 12 police cruisers with large pictures of 24 missing children posted on the back glass. It was a wonderful ceremony with beautiful words spoken and many tears shed, even by the Chief himself. It was a breath taking moment when the first car was unveiled and my own child, Bianca, was the first to be shown. It was explained that the officers whom the cars belonged would keep each child's information with them to be able to answer any questions from the public.

Here's a link to a slideshow of my trip to Clarksville, Arkansas:


As my family left the small town of Clarksville that day I knew in my heart someone's child would be found because of this effort. Indeed, in less than two weeks, one of the missing children profiled was recovered as a direct result of this program!!

As far as any of us know, this is the first police department in our nation to be part of anything like this. Obviously this program, PICTURE THEM HOME, has already proven it's importance and worth. I along with Chief Donaldson CHALLENGE each law enforcement agency out there to step up to the plate and participate in this program. As a community, help encourage your local police departments by introducing them to the idea and the people who can make it happen. Chief Donaldson also said he would be more than happy to answer questions. Pleases contact the Morgan Nick Foundation for more information.


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