Bianca’s billboards will be a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of, and helping to find missing children by way of outdoor advertising. We believe, based on information concerning previous missing children’s cases, that children who are still missing could very well be in the midst of the general public at this very moment without our conscious knowledge. If this be true what better way to condition ourselves to remember what these children look like and to remind ourselves to purposefully be on the watch for these children other than one of the most recognizable forms of advertising, the outdoor billboards we see every day along side of every major interstate to the most commonly used highways.

We intend on beginning our campaign here in the St. Louis area, then as we grow and are supported, will transition all over the state of Missouri, then out of state. This can only be accomplished with the help of the outdoor advertising agencies along with corporate and private sponsors. We are privileged enough to have two major outdoor advertising agencies ready to provide billboards and the production of the vinyl’s used at a wonderfully reduced rate in the hope of being part of something miraculous--bringing a missing child home to their families.

In exchange for corporate and small business donations to Bianca’s Billboards we will be providing advertising space to those who donate to a particular level. There will be many levels to donate into that will provide for different things, such as the rental space for each child’s picture and information. These donations can also be used as a write-off on personal and business taxes.

We hope that you ask questions and consider being part of this mission. Missing children such as Bianca Piper, missing since March 2005, for whom this organization is named, are waiting for their communities to help bring them home.

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