Thursday, March 6, 2008

Third Anniversary of Bianca Piper's Disappearance

Our family has decided to do something less public and more personal this year to mark the end of our third year without Bianca. Friends and family will be attending our family church with Pastor Blue saying a special prayer for Bianca and our family. The service will be conducted in honor of Bianca with altar flowers donated in her name. We will be wearing new shirts with the age progression picture of Bianca to unify us and to remind people who to look for.

On Monday, March 10,2008, our friends and family will be out at the local stores that have the "Sitting With An Angel" benches with Bianca's picture. We will be handing out new posters, wallet size cards and be answering questions from the community.

We are very excited about the new foundation we have started in Bianca's honor -- BIANCA'S BILLBOARDS: SIGNS OF HOPE ACROSS AMERICA.

This will be an organization committed to raising awareness of and helping find missing children by way of outdoor advertising. We were hoping the last of the paper work would be finished by 3-10, but we have just overshot that date. I forgot how long it takes for red tape to clear. :)

Keep an eye out for our new website that will be coming soon.

Continue to keep Bianca in your prayers and please alert authorities if you think you might have seen her or have any information.

Bianca, I love you and miss you very much!

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