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[Snap-on L-72N 3/4-Drive Ratchet Head]
Snap-on L-72N 3/4-Drive Ratchet Head, 1939.

Welcome to Alloy Artifacts!

This site is your online resource for 20th century hand tools and the companies that made them. You'll find information on thousands of different makes and types of tools, along with high-quality photographs to show details for each tool, and with background history on the tool companies that helped shape the industry. The website also provides tables of patents and trademarks, logo images to help identify unfamiliar tools, and finally a Site Index to help find everything.

The web pages here are updated frequently, and to help you keep up with the changes, we've added a table of Recent Additions. This table is synchronized with our web page updates, so you can check here for the latest additions.

Four Years and 4000 Tools Later ...

September 2009 marks the fourth anniversary of the Alloy Artifacts website. From a modest beginning with three articles and ten or twenty photographs, the site has since grown tremendously and now offers information for dozens of tool companies with more than 4000 photographs. Long-time readers may remember the "dark ages" before this site came online, when an internet search for a tool or tool company likely found nothing at all, or at best a mix of speculation and misinformation. Alloy Artifacts is working methodically to provide solid information in the form of photographs, references to printed material, public documents such as patents and trademarks, and (when possible) links to other online resources.

Breaking News!

Fremont, 1918. The Herbrand Company has introduced a line of "CFT" tools to the trades. We've discovered reasonable evidence that the mysterious "CFT" oval logo was actually a secondary brand used by Herbrand, and the name based on the initials of Creighton Fuller Thompson, son of the founder and vice-president of the company. Refer to our article on the Herbrand CFT Line for the details.

Accessing the Web Pages

The Alloy Artifacts website has recently moved back to its original location on the web servers. The Comcast servers had some problems two years ago, but since this is a hobby website and the Comcast web pages are "free" to subscribers, we've decided to give Comcast another try.

Although the web hosting address has moved, the Alloy Artifacts pages will still be accessible at the URL, and in addition we've added a new synonym at the URL. Finally, the pages can be accessed directly at Comcast at the address. All of these URL addresses will return the same contents, but if one isn't working, it may help to try the others. We recommend that you try them in the above order.

Improved Indexing and Searching

We're currently working to improve the indexing and searching features of this site. The most obvious change is the addition of a search box for initiating a Google search from the pages here, with the default set to search just the Alloy Artifacts pages. We've also added some improvements to the site (general) index, and have recently created a new Index of Manufacturers listing all of the toolmakers mentioned on the site.

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