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Trademarks and Logos

This page shows tables of registered trademarks, brands and informal trademarks, and logo images used by various tool companies.

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Registered Trademarks

Registered trademarks, as the term implies, are words, designs, or images that have been granted trademark status by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office (USPTO). The trademark records maintained by the USPTO are publically available and can be searched in their online database.

In a few cases a company may have claimed that a particular name or phrase is a registered trademark, but no corresponding registration could be located in the USPTO database. Such cases are not listed in Table 1, but are instead included in a later section listing informal trademarks.

Table 1. Registered Trademarks by Company

Company Mark First Use Reg. No. Notes
A&E Manufacturing Co. Langline 11/09/1954   613062 Filed November 23, 1954
Ampco Metals Inc. Ampco 06/02/1914   0501743
Armstrong Bros. Tool Co. Armstrong 01/01/1892   0652375
  [Strong-Arm logo] 09/01/1893   0623406
  Strong [Strong-Arm logo] 09/01/1897   0095975
  Armaloy 08/01/1946   0640308 Filed May 28, 1956
Belknap Inc. Blue Grass [Logo] 12/14/1905   0070312 Used on various tools and hardware
Bergman Tool Mfg. Co. Blue Bird Tools [Design] 02/04/1927   0230677 Filed February 28, 1927
  Blue Bird 02/04/1927   0629907 Filed December 13, 1955
Billings & Spencer Co. B [Logo] 09/01/1870   0045068 Filed April 4, 1905; Triangle logo
  Life-Time 04/01/1926   0248759 Filed June 29, 1928
  Vitalloy 10/05/1937   354818 Filed October 19, 1937
Blackhawk Mfg. Co. [Indian Head] 05/31/1919   0139111 Filed June 17, 1919
  Blackhawk 05/31/1919   0424871
  Treasure Chest 03/31/1930   0281766 Referring to sets of tools
  Lock-On 06/30/1930   0522930
  Adjusto 03/01/1933   0419119 Used for adjustable drain-plug wrench
Bonney Forge & Tool Works Corp CV Chrome Vanadium 00/00/0000   Reg. August 11, 1925; Date from catalog
  Chrome Vanadium [decal] 11/15/1922   0198784 Filed December 28, 1923; Decal used on wrenches
  Bonney Wrenches [logo] 11/01/1924   0246827 Filed March 3, 1928; Plaid triangle with text inset
  Bonney Tools 01/01/1935   0414465 Filed November 2, 1944
  Bonaloy 03/06/1939   0370527 Filed March 30, 1939; Not in TESS database
  Bon-E-Con Tools 01/12/1953   0597597 Filed September 10, 1953
Bonney Vise & Tool Works Inc. Bonney 01/01/1876   0068202 Filed November 27, 1907; Text in a semi-circle
  [Shield Design] 07/01/1913   0095737 Filed November 7, 1913
  [Shield with Lehigh] 12/15/1915   0126250 Filed January 16, 1917
Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Corp. Bridgeport 01/01/1928   0674925
Champion DeArment Co. Champion DeArment 01/15/1925   0522034
  Channellock 05/01/1932   0516728
Cornwell Quality Tools Co. Cornwell 01/01/1920   0747210
  C Cornwell [logo] 03/05/1962   0747209 Cornwell C in circle logo
Crawford Fitting Co. Swagelok 10/26/1948   0595412 Filed April 20, 1951
Crescent Niagara Corp. Billings [logo] 04/01/1926   0750104 Filed January 4, 1962
Crescent Tool Co. Crescent 01/01/1907   0299305
  CTCO [logo] 09/27/1907   0067460 Filed Sepember 30, 1907
  Cee Tee Co 10/01/1913   0097826 Filed March 14, 1914
  Crestoloy 09/27/1930   0284271 Filed October 20, 1930
Daido Corp. Daido 07/01/1936   0715001 Filed March 14, 1960
  Allenite 01/01/1954   0907510
  Cen-Tech 01/13/1969   0972817
  PROMATE [logo] 05/12/1978   0715001
Diamond Calk Horseshoe Co. [Horse Shoe logo] 08/01/1908   0168676 Filed March 11, 1921
  Diamond [logo] 01/01/1919   0209074 Filed October 24, 1925
  Diamalloy [logo] 01/01/1931   0585695
Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Co. Groove-Joint 06/04/1952   0772762 Filed February 4, 1963
Dresser Industries Kraeuter 02/01/1965   1002227 Filed October 24, 1972
Duro Metal Products Co. Duro 01/01/1929   0345576 Filed December 9, 1935
  Duro-Bilt 10/12/1929   0268130 Filed October 28, 1929
  Duro Chrome 01/13/1931   0285395
  Duro-Chrome 01/13/1931   0570624
  Tools of Progress 07/01/1934   0335056
  Spin-Flex 05/01/1936   0338643
Efficiency Device Corp. Stix-On 04/01/1921   158340 Filed September 27,1921
Fleet Tool Corp. Fleet 08/29/1947   0787776 Filed April 28, 1964
Forged Steel Products Co. Vacuum Grip 06/01/1920   0141355 Filed in 1920; Address in Newark
Frank Mossberg Company M [logo] 11/01/1902   0064165
GC Thorsen Inc. TTC Thorsen Tool [Logo] 12/01/1926   Filed May 31, 1994
H-P Tool Mfg. Corp. HP Blue Line [logo] 05/17/1961   0789953
  Blue Line 05/17/1961   0789954
H.R. Basford Co. Gripso 05/11/1945   0429536 Filed June 11, 1945; Used for locking pliers
Herbrand Corp. Herbrand [Script Logo] 00/00/0000   0075371 Filed in 1909; Script logo for razors
  H [Diamond Logo] 01/01/1908   0130511 Filed in 1909; Script logo for razors
  Van Chrome 01/01/1919   0266707 Filed in 1929
  Herbrand [Script Logo] 11/01/1921   0168970 Filed in 1922; Script logo for tools
  Herbrand 11/01/1921   0523089 Filed in 1948; Bingham-Herbrand Corp.
  MULTI GRIP 04/19/1930   0285332 Filed May 31, 1930
  MULTIGRIP 04/19/1930   0517113
Husky Wrench Co. Husky 01/29/1924   0186808 Filed Feb. 9, 1924 by Sigmund Mandl
Indestro Mfg. Co. Indestro 06/13/1922   0582680
  [wrench design] 12/30/1936   0346439 Streamlined design for wrench handles
  Tools [logo] 01/01/1939   0588070 Inverted triangle logo
  Select Steel Tools 03/21/1961   0733592
J.P. Danielson Company Inc. Bet'R-Grip 01/01/1933   0339680 Filed July 30, 1935
K-D Manufacturing Co. K-D 04/30/1920   0510572 Filed Sep. 18, 1947; Used for adjustable wrenches
  K-D Tools 01/01/1963   1126339 Filed Feb. 13, 1978
Kelsey Hayes Corp. Loc-Rite 02/14/1964   0789030
Kraeuter & Company, Inc. Kraeuter 01/01/1910   0775742 Filed Dec. 10, 1963
Kyoto Tool Co. KTC [logo] 01/01/1970   1663191 KTC inside a circle
Mechanics Tool and Forge MAC 01/01/1939   0439367
Milwaukee Tool & Forge Co. True Fit 03/01/1921   0271470 Filed August 19, 1929
Montgomery Ward & Co. Riverside 12/31/1912   0760604 Earliest use for automobile parts and accessories
  Powr-Kraft 07/01/1932   0728250
Moore Drop Forging Co. M [circle logo] 01/01/1908   0292165 M-Circle logo used on forgings and stampings
NAPA Sparta 12/26/1963   0788712 Filed January 29, 1964
New Britain Machine Co. New Britain 01/01/1895   0631236
  None Better 01/01/1917   0195979
  NB [circle logo] 01/01/1919   0195032 Stylized "NB" inside a circle
  Husky 01/29/1924   0882793 Originally filed by Sigmund Mandl
  Mustang 01/01/1954   0742301
Owatonna Tool Co. OTC 09/01/1925   0983924
  Push-Puller 01/01/1940   0779422
  Grip-O-Matic 01/01/1940   0790292
P&C Hand Forged Tool Co. P&C [logo] 01/16/1926   0572863 Filed June 15, 1951
Peck, Stow, & Wilcox Co. Pexto 06/05/1914   0332786
Pendleton Tool Industries Clik-Stop 12/30/1957   0670555 Filed March 10, 1958; used on adjustable wrenches
  Bet'R-Grip 08/23/1962   0752917 Filed August 30, 1962
Penens Corp. Fleet Quality Tools [logo] 08/29/1947   0519190
  Socketeer 06/07/1954   0608272 Filed July 23, 1954
Plomb Tool Co. Proto 01/23/1948   0530257
Plumb [Fayette R. Plumb Inc.] Plumb 01/01/1876   0523846
  Plumb [logo] 08/01/1917   0138088 Filed May 27, 1920
Quality Tools Corp. Old Forge 01/04/1924   0190593 Filed February 21, 1924
Ridge Tool Co. Ridgid 06/18/1923   0419190 Filed July 9, 1945
  Ritco 10/31/1929   0718909 Filed Nov. 1, 1960
Sears, Roebuck & Co. Craftsman 10/28/1927   0534259
  Craftsman [underline logo] 01/01/1934   0525092
  Dunlap 01/23/1937   0369614 Filed November 18, 1938. "Dunlap" in oval design
Sherman-Klove Co. S-K 12/01/1932   0679222
Snap-on Tools Corp. Snap-on 01/01/1920   0660530
  Blue Point 09/15/1923   1471176 Filed December 7, 1929 by Blue Point Tool Company
  Ferret 08/05/1926   0267881 Filed September 20, 1929
  Boxocket 12/01/1927   0237970 Filed February 3, 1927 by Blue Point Tool Company
  Loxocket 01/01/1938   1334023
  Par-X 04/19/1961   0731472
Stevens Walden Inc. Spintite 09/15/1923   1018387
Symington Wayne Corp. SK Wayne 01/24/1964   0822615
Thorsen Manufacturing Co. Thorsen Hot Forged Tools 03/01/1953   0665346 Filed February 11, 1957
  Action Hot Forged Tools 08/01/1957   0735615 Filed May 29, 1961
Thorsen Tool Co. Thorsen 07/01/1929   1147068 Filed February 7, 1979; Company in Dallas, Texas
  E-Z Twister 05/15/1981   1268522 Filed October 21, 1981
  Thorsen Pro-Line 10/25/1982   1437102 Filed August 8, 1983
Truecraft Tool Co. Truecraft 12/30/1947   0585763 Assigned to AdvanTech division of Daido Corp.
Truth Tool Co. Truth 02/27/1923   0164890 Registration date; No first-use date given
United Greenfield Corp. Vulcan [logo] 01/24/1962   0795106 Registered after acquiring J.H. Williams Co.
Utica Drop Forge & Tool Co. U-TI-CA [logo] 04/06/1900   0035363 Filed July 28, 1900; Describes 3-Ovals logo
  U-TI-CA [logo] 04/06/1900   0049173 Filed May 16, 1905; Illustration of 3-Ovals logo
  Utica 12/01/1910   0523494
  U-TI-CA [logo] 12/01/1910   0083793 Filed January 16, 1911; Three diamonds logo
Utica Tool Company, Inc. Bonney 12/01/1945   1112133 Filed December 1, 1976
Vlchek Tool Co. Vlchek 01/01/1910   0528105
Walden-Worcester Inc. Tomahawk 06/01/1914   0100921 Filed July 15, 1914
  TeeFlex 06/19/1919   0130244 Filed in 1919
Western Auto Supply Co. Wizard 05/03/1937   0596370 Filed September 8, 1953
  Westcraft 11/03/1942   0547701 Filed October 2, 1947
Williams [J.H. Williams & Co.] W [diamond logo] 01/01/1884   0104112 Diamond outline enclosing a "W"
  Vulcan 01/01/1897   0088987
  Williams 01/01/1900   0381837
  Superjustable 05/13/1921   0152551 Filed July 14, 1921
  Williams [underline logo] 11/09/1924   0517355 Williams name underlined by "S"
  Superrench 10/10/1925   0209075
  Supersocket 12/13/1930   0283105
  Superratchet 09/19/1932   0303210
Wright Tool and Forge Co. Wright 01/01/1928   1022945

Brands and Informal Trademarks

In addition to registered trademarks, many tools are marked with words or stamped images serving as brand names or informal trademarks. In some cases, the maker may have claimed the brand as a trademark, but no corresponding registration could be found in the USPTO trademarks database. It's unclear whether these discrepancies are due to filed but rejected applications, or possibly lost or incomplete trademark records.

Table 2 lists a number of word marks used as brand names or informal trademarks, with notes indicating the particular use.

Table 2. Tool Brands and Informal (Unregistered) Trademarks

Mark Company Notes
Artisan Gamble's Auto Stores Brand used for top-quality tools, mid 1940s and later
Auto-Kit J.P. Danielson Company Brand used for open-end and open-box wrenches
Barcaloy Barcalo Mfg. Used as brand for alloy steel tools
BESCO Battery Equipment & Supply Trade name in use by 1921
ChromeXQuality Western Auto Supply Used on tools from 1936-1939; also "Chrome-X"
Cross Country Sears, Roebuck & Co. Brand used for automobile accessories
Fulton Sears, Roebuck & Co. Brand used for tools
Handy-Hex Duro Metal Products Brand marked on tools from late 1920s
HeXo Blackhawk Mfg. Brand marked on box-end wrenches
Hy-Bar Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Brand name for angle-head wrenches
Indestro Super Indestro Mfg. Successor to "Super-Quality"
Iroquois Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Brand name for hatchet combination tool
LACO Lakeside Forge Brand used for adjustable wrenches
Master Quality Montgomery Ward & Co. Sometimes used as "Ward's Master Quality"
Matchless Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Brand name for pliers and screwdrivers
Mosco Motor Specialties Brand marked on tools
Motiv Vlchek Tool Brand name used on wrenches
Norivell Vlchek Tool Name used on holder of wrench sets
Nuggets Blackhawk Mfg. Used for 7/16-drive tools; Claimed as trademark
Polygon Indestro Mfg. Brand used on box wrenches in mid 1930s
Ray Packer Auto Specialty Used as a trademark; No registration found
Snail Brand Thomas Smith & Sons (England) Used as a brand for wrenches
Speed-Hed Thorsen Manufacturing Brand used for ratcheting open-end wrenches
Super-Quality Indestro Mfg. Brand used from mid 1930s to mid 1940s
Superslim T. Williams Brand used by T. Williams
Suregrip Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Brand name for nail pullers
Tiger Tools Gamble's Auto Stores Brand used in early 1940s or before
TruFit Lectrolite Used as a brand by Lectrolite
U.S. Lowentraut [P. Lowentraut Mfg. Used in a diamond logo as a brand name
Volume Williams [J.H. Williams & Co.] Brand used by Williams, ca. 1930s
Zenel Bonney Forge & Tool Works Brand name for high-grade alloy steel; No registration found

Logo Images

Table 3 below shows a number of logo images taken from various tools. In some cases these are also registered trademarks (as noted in the table), but in general the logos are simply informal marks chosen by the manufacturer to identify their tools.

The "Shorthand" column is just a fanciful name assigned for convenience of reference; it doesn't necessarily correspond to what the maker would have called it.

Certain logos are identified in the table as "Forge Marks", meaning that they appear as a raised symbol on a forged piece, having been incised into the forging die. These marks were often used on contract manufacturing production to identify the maker.

Table 3. Tool Logos with Images by Company

Image Shorthand Company Forge Mark? Notes
[Logo Image for Strong-Arm] Strong-Arm Armstrong Bros. Tool Registered trademark
[Logo Image for A-Triangle] A-Triangle Armstrong Bros. Tool Yes Forge mark used on early tools and contract production
[Logo Image for B-Triangle] B-Triangle Billings & Spencer Yes Registered trademark; also used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for Arrowhead] Arrowhead Blackhawk Mfg. Registered trademark; Used on early tools
[Logo Image for B-Hex] B-Hex Bonney Forge & Tool Works Used on Bon-E-Con tools
[Logo Image for CV-Circle] CV-Circle Bonney Forge & Tool Works Indicates Chrome-Vanadium alloy steel
[Logo Image for B-Shield] B-Shield Bonney Forge & Tool Works Yes Forge mark used on earlier tools
[Logo Image for B-Circle] B-Circle Bonney Forge & Tool Works Used on contract production
[Logo Image for BHM-logo] BHM-logo Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. Appears on contract-manufactured tools
[Logo Image for X-Center] X-Center Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. In center of wrench handles, from patent D97325
[Logo Image for CT-Logo] CT-Logo California Tool Company Stamped on sockets
[Logo Image for H-Shield] H-Shield Charles E. Hall Company "H" in a shield
[Logo Image for CH-Logo] CH-Logo Chicago Mfg. and Distributing Forge or casting mark on tools
[Logo Image for AZ-Circle] AZ-Circle Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck) Manufacturer's code for J.H. Williams
[Logo Image for H-Circle] H-Circle Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck) Manufacturer's code for New Britain Machine
[Logo Image for K-Circle] K-Circle Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck) Manufacturer's code for S-K Tools
[Logo Image for Y-Circle] Y-Circle Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck) Unknown manufacturer's code
[Logo Image for CTCo] CTCo Crescent Tool Registered trademark
[Logo Image for Diamond-Horseshoe] Diamond-Horseshoe Diamond Calk Horseshoe Yes Used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for X-Circle] X-Circle Duro Metal Products Stylized "DC" denoting Duro-Chrome
[Logo Image for D-Trapezoid] D-Trapezoid Duro Metal Products Stylized "D" used on early Duro sockets
[Logo Image for A-Circle] A-Circle FH Ayer Manufacturing Stamped marking on sockets
[Logo Image for M-Diamond] M-Diamond Frank Mossberg Company Registered trademark
[Logo Image for HP-Shield] HP-Shield H-P Tool Mfg. Marked on wrenches with "Blue Line"
[Logo Image for H-Diamond] H-Diamond Herbrand Yes Forge mark used on contract production
[Logo Image for CFT-Oval] CFT-Oval Herbrand Found on pliers and wrenches.
[Logo Image for Fat-H-Circle] Fat-H-Circle Hinsdale Manufacturing
[Logo Image for DIF-Mark] DIF-Mark Interstate Drop Forge Yes Forge mark on contract production, e.g. Blackhawk ratchets
[Logo Image for JIS-Logo] JIS-Logo Japan Institute of Standards Indicates tool meets JIS requirements
[Logo Image for K-Diamond] K-Diamond Kraeuter & Company Appears on older Double-Open and "S" wrenches
[Logo Image for S-Circle] S-Circle L.S. Starrett Stamped on sockets
[Logo Image for L-Keystone] L-Keystone Lakeside Forge Yes Used as a forge mark; sometimes stamped
[Logo Image for L-Hex] L-Hex Larson Tool & Stamping Stamped on tools and sockets
[Logo Image for PL-Diamond] PL-Diamond Lowentraut [P. Lowentraut Mfg.
[Logo Image for MH-Circle] MH-Circle McKaig-Hatch Yes Stamped or forge mark
[Logo Image for MW-Logo] MW-Logo Montgomery Ward & Co.
[Logo Image for M-Circle] M-Circle Moore Drop Forging Yes Registered trademark; also used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for NB-Circle] NB-Circle New Britain Machine Registered trademark
[Logo Image for H-Circle-2] H-Circle-2 New Britain Machine "H" inside a circle; also used for Craftsman
[Logo Image for OT-Circle] OT-Circle Oswego Tool "T" Inside an "O"
[Logo Image for OTC-Shield] OTC-Shield Owatonna Tool OTC inside a shield
[Logo Image for P+C-Logo] P+C-Logo P&C Hand Forged Tool
[Logo Image for PS-Oval] PS-Oval Page-Storms Drop Forge Stamped on tools
[Logo Image for Pexto-Oval] Pexto-Oval Peck, Stow, & Wilcox PEXTO inside an oval
[Logo Image for RI-Circle] RI-Circle Rhode Island Tool Yes Forge mark noted on older double-open wrenches
[Logo Image for S-K-Diamond] S-K-Diamond Sherman-Klove
[Logo Image for SW-Circle] SW-Circle Stevens Walden Used on sockets
[Logo Image for WW-Circle] WW-Circle Stevens Walden Used on sockets
[Logo Image for SW-Hex] SW-Hex Syracuse Wrench Stamped on later tools
[Logo Image for TW-Circle] TW-Circle T. Williams Yes Used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for Speeding-Snail] Speeding-Snail Thomas Smith & Sons (England) Found on wrench for Colchester Lathe
[Logo Image for 3-Peaks] 3-Peaks Three Peaks Giken Logo used on nippers and pliers
[Logo Image for HIT-Gear] HIT-Gear Toho Koki Yes Forge mark with "HIT" in a gear
[Logo Image for USMC-Script] USMC-Script United Shoe Machinery Yes Stylized script logo; Used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for Double-M-Circle] Double-M-Circle Unknown Found on a triple-open wrench
[Logo Image for CSCO-Forge] CSCO-Forge Unknown Found on Blackhawk ratchet handle
[Logo Image for ACT-Circle] ACT-Circle Unknown Yes Forge mark on early Walden universal
[Logo Image for 3-Diamonds] 3-Diamonds Utica Drop Forge & Tool Registered trademark
[Logo Image for 3-Ovals] 3-Ovals Utica Drop Forge & Tool Registered trademark
[Logo Image for V-Shield] V-Shield Vlchek Tool "V" in a shield; note the small inner "T"
[Logo Image for WMCo] WMCo Walden-Worcester Initials for Walden Mfg. Co.
[Logo Image for WBCo-Diamond] WBCo-Diamond Whitman & Barnes Typically a stamped logo
[Logo Image for W+B-Diamond] W+B-Diamond Whitman & Barnes Yes Used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for W-Diamond] W-Diamond Williams [J.H. Williams & Co.] Yes Registered trademark; also used as a forge mark
[Logo Image for JHW-Brooklyn] JHW-Brooklyn Williams [J.H. Williams & Co.] Stamped on face of early tools
[Logo Image for JHW-Forged] JHW-Forged Williams [J.H. Williams & Co.] Stamped on face of early tools

References and Resources

The information in the registered trademarks table was obtained from the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) "TESS" database at

Logo images are from photographs of items in the Alloy Artifacts collection.


If any readers have additional information regarding tool trademarks, please let us know via the "Contact Us" link on the home page. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as well.

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