Welcome to Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy is a state-licensed and nationally-accredited school in Oakland Township for children from one to six years old. Our classes include Tiny Tots, Pre-School and Young Fives. We are open from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parents may choose a morning-only or a full-time program.

We have very small groups, each with its own classroom and teacher. We believe the small groups are important in creating a family atmosphere, where the children can really get to know each other and become good friends. The small groups also allow the teachers to teach more and the children to learn more.

We have kind and experienced teachers. All of them have at least seven years experience in their own classrooms. Some of our teachers are certified, and others are studying to get their certificates. Most importantly, they are kind and generous people who love to work with children.

We believe that each child is unique. We observe each child, plan learning activities according to their current interests, and challenge them according to their own strengths and needs. We want each child to develop self-confidence and learn at his or her own pace.

We strive to present a program that finds the perfect balance between play and academics. It is our goal to help the children make friends and have fun at the same time that we are helping prepare our children for the years ahead.

Alpine’s Philosophy

All children are unique.  Therefore, we maintain small groups and get to know each child individually.

Each child learns in his own way.  Therefore, we provide a variety of learning experiences.  For example, we may practice number concepts by singing songs or playing movement games.

Each child learns at his own pace.  Therefore, we determine appropriate challenges for each child and continuously monitor growth.

Children learn through play and direct instruction.  Therefore, we plan time for both independent exploration and small group academics.

Communication matters.  Therefore, we chat with parents before and after class, send home a weekly newsletter, use progress reports, organize parent/teacher conferences, and meet with parents whenever necessary.

A family-friendly environment encourages children’s growth.  Therefore, we invite parents to join us during class as helpers and guest speakers, and we plan fun events such as Grandparents’ Day and Field Day.

Children are developing socially and emotionally.  Therefore, we plan specific routines and lessons to nurture positive interactions and build self-confidence.

We live in a diverse world.  Therefore, we learn about other cultures, and we encourage caring attitudes and thoughtful behavior. 

Finally, our children are precious.  Therefore, we hire experienced, loving staff and provide a safe, healthy environment.