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Most of this update was due to the game patch on October 3, 2013.  


  • Updated flow capacitor numbers for Tyken's Rift. The readout numbers have decreased by 10%, but the numbers are now supposed to be accurate.  Previously the skill had no actual effect on Tyken's Rift despite the readout numbers. Added note of Auxiliary power effect on Tyken's Rift at 1.33% per power point.  
  • Confirmed Breen Energy Siphon is the same as Energy Siphon I.
  • Updated repel numbers on Gravity Well (numbers reduced about 50%). 
  • Exact effect of Graviton Generators on radius of Gravity Well is now unknown. 
  • Added numbers for Gravity Well 1 and Tyken's Rift 1 under Particle Generators.
  • Updated Tyken's Rift damage (about a 25% increase in base damage).
  • Updated Gravity Well damage (about a 5% increase in base damage, but about a 50% decrease in effect of particle generators and auxiliary power on damage). 
  • Added a link to enable downloading of a copy of the table in Excel spread sheet format. 


Sorry, I am visiting relatives and away from web site editing until Oct. 9.  Will not be able to update Skill Effects Table to reflect changes to Tyken's Rift and Gravity Well II and III until then. 

Added standard cloaked ship visiblity/detection ranges for the Stealth and Sensors skills.  These ranges are based on formulas posted recently by Renimalt in the STO Forum (, who in turn was referencing an earlier post by the Cryptic developer Borticuscryptic (  Also updated the values for Stealth Detection which have increased from a maximum bonus of 25% to a maximum bonus of 99%

Warp Core Efficiency.  Added a line for the new power level 15.  Power increases at levels 25 and 50 are slightly less.  

Warp Core Potential.  Power gains are now consistent at whatever level power is set.

Scramble Sensors.  Added 0.5 seconds to duration.  Added entries for  version 2 and 3.

Normal damage for Tricobalt Torpedoes halved.  This may be related to increase in damage for the high yield version of this torpedo announced with Legacy of Romulus patch.  

Added the Flow Capacitor and Subspace Decompiler skill effects for Target Subsystems from recent patch update (the effects were previously unknown).  Updated Subspace Decompiler effects for Viral Matrix (about 6% greater duration bonus than before).  Added a listing for Particle Generator effect on damage for Tractor Beam 1.  

Switched Charged Particle burst from Particle Generators skill to Flow Capacitors skill.  Thanks to SavingJ for pointing out the change.  I verified today that the ability progression is still the same with Flow Capacitors

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Having found the time to learn the tools available through my Comcast subscription, I decided to endeavor to list the content of further updates to the Starship Skill Points Effect table here.  This way you will not have to guess what has changed when you see that the page has been updated.