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The Starsthip Skill Point Effects Table is an endevaor to list the effects that spending skill points in Star Trek Online ("STO") will have on a character's bridge officer abilities and other powers.  This table became a personal project of mine after Season 5 came out and made everything I knew about skill points in the game obsolete.  After several weeks of testing (mostly on Tribble), I put the table on a web page to share my results with others in the STO community.  Since its orginal posting, many others have helped me to correct and add information to the table. The table has developed something of a following (as can be seen by the number of hits) by players planning Respecs of their character skills.  


I created this web site/blog for posting information on my updates to the table, so users would not have to guess what was being updated.  This site is also to provide a better space to solicit community input on corrections and suggestions for the table.  I appologize for the no frills layout of the site which was created using basic tools provided with my Comcast subscription -- I am cheap. :-)  Please feel free to post recommendations for corrections, additions or questions about the table in the Blog.  



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