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Welcome to the Ammawell Gallery

Artists throughout the ages have captured the natural beauty of nurturing. The Fine Art Collection in the Ammawell Gallery includes classic works that celebrate mothering and breastfeeding.
The Fine Art Collection

Fine Art Collection 1 Fine Art Collection 2 Fine Art Collection 3 Fine Art Collection 4
"Mother Rose Nursing Her Baby"
"Sleepy Baby"
"Mother and Child"
Mary Cassatt

Auguste Renoir

"Virgin and Child"
Master of the legend of St. Catherine
Jan Sanders Van Hemessen
Jean Pouquet
Thierry Bouts

"The Holy Family"
El Greco
Francisco de Zurbaran
Van Orley

"The Milky Way"
Peter Paul Rubens

"Virgin of the Milk"
Antonio Allegri Correggio

"Virgin of the Green Cushion"


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