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Friday, March 14, 2003

OK, finally. Last time I used this thing it ate my post. Pissed me off, too. I'd just spent a $200 credit at the used record store, and I got a good haul. I was bragging about it, but when I went to publish the darn thing, my post got eaten. Note to self: "Select All" and "copy" before going to post & publish next time.

Lessee... what's new?

This is the end of Week 2 of unemployment. Tasks completed this week:

1. CD shelves have been installed in the closet.
2. Uh...

OK, that's about all the gumption that I've worked up over the past 5 days. I am pondering making the jump from extract brewing to all-grain, however.

Next brew batch:

European Bock. This should go into primary this weekend, if all goes to plan.

Recent acquisitions:

Camper Van Beethoven, II & III, and III. God love those guys at Great Escape. I bought these two OOP discs for $20. I should go back & buy Camper Vaniquities for $9 before they figure out what they've done.

Chris Bell, I Am The Cosmos. Memphis is more famous for Elvis Presley, but if there was any justice in this world, the dives where Big Star played would be similarly honored. Bell's solo output is strong, melodic, albeit moody at times. Lovely set. Wish I'd found it sooner. I can't offer much in the way of praise for Alex Chilton's Live In London, though.

Bill Hicks, Rant in E-Minor. Cure for the common comic. The things he has to say about the Gulf War I seem just as relevant today as they did in 1991.

V/A, Our Band Could Be Your Life, a tribute to the music of The Minutemen. As with many tribute discs out there, the quality on this varies from uneven, to piss-poor, to stellar. Mike Hogan at Little Brother Records should be commended for the attempt, anyway. Nels Cline's work on "West Germany" is not to be missed.

Speaking of Nels Cline -- gotta hear The Inkling. This one grows on me every time I hear it. I particularly enjoy Cline's acoustic work.