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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

And here's something a little different...

A few years ago, I came into a wealth of 35mm color slides. My dad took them. He hardly ever shot color for prints that I can remember. Prints were done in Kodak Tri-X Pan 400 that he used to liberate from the darkroom at the old Danville Commerical-News. So I'm not as familiar with a lot of these photos.

I have been meaning to scan some of them in so I can make archives of these, or simply to have them in a more usable format. Unfortunately, the PrimeFilm 1800u is as big of a piece of crap as it was on the day that I first bought it, even if it does now have a useable Mac OS X interface. (A Nikon LS-40 is high on my wish list.)

But from these scans, perhaps you can get some idea of the genuine talent that he was as far as this photographic avocation.

Robinson St., Danville, IL 1987 (autumn, natch):

Lakeside fall color, date unknown:

Finally, the man himself, in one of the rare photos that was ever taken of him. I believe this was in the Sierras circa 1976. I remember coming to meet him at the Danville airport when he came back from this trip, but mostly because I got to play a lot of pinball while the plane was arriving late. There's a scad of slides from this era, and this had to be my favorite, despite the poor color rendition of the crappy film scanner...

(Foregoing images c. Robert Harry Wilson, 1947 - 1990.)
Here's a couple shots taken from the library:

1) Bald eagle, taken at Land Between the Lakes. She's a captive bird, and has been since her wing was injured.

2) Big stag elk, taken also at LBL -- this time, roaming free on the Elk & Bison Preserve.