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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Friday Bird Blogging

A very busy yellow-bellied sapsucker (note the damage in the trunk). This is on a maple tree of which this bird just can't seem to get enough. I understand they're accidental/migratory in these here parts, so I guess I don't mind him taking up residence in my tree.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Final Wishes

Y'all, no matter what your final wishes are, be sure to communicate them clearly to your loved ones.

I'll go one better here: If heroic measures are required to prolong my life, I do not want them. If by contemporary medical standards, there is a diagnosis of less than six months to live, and if that life means significantly diminished quality or reliance on artificial means to survive, I do not want my life prolonged by such means. If in such time that I am attached to supplemental support and my diagnosis up to that time was grim and I experience a life-threatening attack, seizure, or critical complication, I do not wish to be rescusitated.

If you want to be hooked up to machines, please let me know. (You'll be the first.)

Oh, if you really want to make a difference? Get off the keyboard and get onto your phone. Hospice needs your help.

In and around Tennessee:

Pick one and call. Most take donations and volunteers.