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Monday, September 11, 2006

Semi-Obligatory 9/11 Post

If you came here to check in, just let me say, "Hey, I'm great." Aside from having a cold, that is. I had a great time on this year's vacation in Alaska.

I learned something about myself, too.

As I was sitting on a ridge watching and photographing a sunset that would last for the next couple of hours, I thought to myself how fortunate that I was that I had a job that would allow me the freedom to enjoy moments like this every now and again.


Anchors like jobs don't "allow freedom." Jobs give you an opportunity to make money, which you can exchange for goods and services.

Can you say "Stockholm Syndrome?"

Freedom is what you sacrifice to take a job.

This is something I'm contemplating today, when I hear a lot of hollow talk about "the price of freedom" that we pay as citizens, or that we ask of others to pay on our behalf.

And I can't get around the idea that freedom and security are at self-devouring ends of a bitter cycle.