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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Well, so much for making history.

Jayhawks in a hard loss, 80-77.

I don't have a lot to say about it. When you don't make free throws, you don't always win. Seems to me that the set shot is one facet of the game which is commonly overlooked now. It has something to do with the institution of the 3-point shot. What I don't understand, though, is how someone can stroke shot after shot from the 3-point arc, and then brick consistently at the charity stripe.

Roy Williams scored a few points with me when he basically told Bonnie Bernstein where she could go. "I could give a shit about North Carolina right now," he said in an unedited live feed. The censors must have been shocked that Roy said anything stronger than "dadgum" on camera, but I knew Roy must have that kind of fire in his soul. I am of one mind as far as the notion of his leaving is concerned; that is, he won't. If he didn't take the reigns when Dean Smith retired, I doubt he has more incentive now -- despite swirling rumors of a rift between him and KU athletic director Al Bohl. Roy and Bob Frederick were much tighter, but why would there be a problem if Roy is producing results, year after year? Granted, there's the question of "winning the big one," and you (well, I... the "royal you") get the feeling that Roy has one in him if he decides to shaft the Tar Heels again. (I find it interesting that the same journalists jeering Williams lack of a championship are some of the same ones staining their sans-a-belt Dockers over the idea that Roy might wander over to Carolina and take over that program.)

Weekend acquisition: I'm now caretaking two abandoned kittens, approx. 2 weeks old. One is ginger (female), and the other is ginger & white (male). They were found under a garbage can at the weekend house in Kentucky.

Interested parties may contact me via email regarding adoption.

New music snags:

Ani Difranco, Evolve. I have not taken the opportunity to digest, but my preview listening was mostly positive. I like the added instrumentation.

Wire, 154. It's my least favorite among Pink Flag and Chairs Missing, but my Wire collection feels incomplete without it. Basically a CD for tape upgrade.

Speaking of tapes -- does anyone find much use for them any more? I have about 300 sitting in my closet, and would consider fobbing off a few in trades.


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