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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I get married in less than a month.

The date is 9/7/2003.

Good news -- 1) Going forward, my anniversary will more than likely fall on Labor Day weekend. Whoo-hoo! 2) Bonus points: I will be out of the country for Republi-Con 2003, which I'm led to understand shall fall on 9/11 in NYC. No pager, no cellphone, no Blackberry. I. Can't. Wait.

So I'll be in Australia. The itinerary currently includes Sydney, Cairns, & Melbourne; points in-between will also be visited.

I look forward to drinking Victoria Bitters in a genuine pair of stubbies.

New music:

I've recently discovered Corndogs.Org, a wealth of bootlegged Wattage, and some priceless Minutemen errata. Check it out, if you are to check out nothing else. I especially like the Bottleneck boots with Tom Watson & Jerry Trebotic. These are must-haves. Decent sound quality, and lots of rare stuff. My hat is off.

Nothing much else to report. The new job has left me with precious little breathing room.

Perhaps with a few more posts, Blogspot will no longer be co-advertising Jayhawks stuff on my weblog.


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