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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Worst Possible Band Names

Some of my contributions to the agitprop-a-go-go at

(nods to Hayden and Bill. I am not worthy.)

: or ;
A Corpse Is A Corpse, Of Course Of Course...
A Little Daschle Do Ya
A Whiter Shade of Episcopalian
Albany Jerk Reaction
Arroz Tu Di Okaychun
Ashcroft & Simpson
Ass Without Hats
Badly Drawn Curtains
Bell Biv Willem Dafoe
Boomtown Shithouse
Bridgestone Over Troubled Water
Burnings Pear
Buzzkill & The Wet Blankets
Camper Van Buren
Canarsie No Evil
Carlton Lutefisk & His Guitar Tuna
Churchill Downs Syndrome
Clawed Depussy
Cool Hand Puke
Crime & The Shitty Solution Provider
Crimea River
Cris Kirkwood's Valet Service
Crotchless Pansy
Da Folkeez
Das Luftwafflehaus
Dial M For Mordor
Duelin' Hambones
Erie Silence
Ernest Tubb & Tile Cleanser
Everybody Loves Ramen
Flair For The Obvious
Fountains of Waco
Get Me A Toddler
Gnu Edition
Godspeed You Black Betty, Bam Ba Lam!
Graham Cracker Station
Guided by Village Voice
Guillotine Spirit
Happy Happy Jihad!
Heywood Jablowme
I Pseud Your Ass Off
Ice Cream Koan
IF(IF(IF(IF(IF(IF(IF))))))) -- a.k.a. The Nested Ifs
I'll Be There Between One And Four
Jad County Fair and Livestock Auction
Jars of Klee
Leukorrhea, Dyscrasia, Scorcrasia & Thyme
Mark Of The Mohel
Masalalalala Means I Love You
Maximum Fudd
Microbes & Shit
mIxEd CaSe
Mung Beans Ah Um
Mutt Bunch
Mutton Honey
My Buffer Runneth Under
My Morning Jackoff
No Use For No Use For A Name
Nom De Merde
Notorious G.O.P.
Office Of The Co-Dependent Prosecutor
Our Fans Suck
Paddy O'Shea & The Bleeding Ulsters
Parasite By The Dashboard Light
Pontiff & Lefty
Projectile Mamet
Queef Richards
Red Hot Ashcroft on Ashcroft Action
Remember the Alamodome
Saigon Headchick Corea
Saudi Duty Time
Scraping Beatles Off The Wheel
Semisonic Youth
Shi'ite Hit the Fan
Shut the Fuck Up, Portnoy
Sly and the Family Stallone
Sonic Yoopers
Stabbing Burtward Stabbing Adamwestward
Tabouli 'N Algebra
Teratogen & Tonic
The Blow Chunkies
The Darned
The Headcount Reductions
The Jaw Naw Say Queer
The John Denver Blues Explosion
The Real Slim Sade
The Sanctimonious Regrets
The Sneering Missouri Whitebread Folk-Nazi Choir
The Snoggin' Toboggan
The Unoriginals
The When, Where, Why, and Howe
Thin White Grope
Three Lox Box
Trying Desperately To Be Liked
Tudor Sedan
Tupperware Seals and Crofts
Twelve Angry Mandingo
Uck Bowens
Velveeta Monologues
Veni, Vidi, ROCK!chi
Vincent Bugliosi Is Dead
Wang Chunder
Wang Dang Sweet Putin
We Go Royko
Xavier Breath
Zeroic Measures
ZZ Norsemen


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