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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I've noticed that when I see 3-letter abbreviations on Tennessee license plates, my feverish recall of acronyms kicks in.

AEL - auto exposure lock

BSD - Berkeley Systems Development

CVB - Camper Van Beethoven

DMA - direct memory access

EDS - Electronic Data Systems

FCS - frame check sequence

GRE - generic routing encapsulation

HST - Hunter Stockton Thompson (RIP)

ISP - Internet service provider

JRE - Java Runtime Environment

KSU - Key System Unit

LVM - "left voice mail"

MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area

NID - Network Interface Device

ORU - Oral Roberts University

POC - point of contact

QOD - quote of (the) day

REM - Michael, Peter, Mike, and Bill

SQL - "sequel"

TDS - terrestrial data service

UTM - uniform terrestrial mercator

VRF - virtual route forwarding

WTF - what the f***?

XTC - the best pop band ever

YYZ - cheezy Canadian sci-fi set to music

ZZZ - the interest quotient in this post


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