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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not Dead

Here's a little placeholder for visitors to this site. I have not sworn off blogging, nor am I going on a deep dive from which I will never surface, to become a curiosity viewed best from the keel of a glass bottomed boat.

No, that is not my fate, nor is that the fate of One Reporter's Opinion. However, life has managed to intervene most successfully in my erstwhile Blogerian efforts.

So, that said, here's my shortest short list:

* The "nuclear compromise" is a colossal ripoff in the ascendant tradition of Democratic BOHICA.

* Digital Landscape ( is a worthwhile way to spend a few days, even if you come back with a serious grocery list for photographic goodies. Anyone wanting to know, I'm in the market for Nik software, a Wacom Intuos3 6x8 USB tablet, and an Arca B2 ballhead.

* Integrity on Survivor is about as worthwhile as bringing a bucket of saline water to camp for drinking. That was a disappointing end to what have should have been one for the books.

* New releases from John Doe, the Go-Betweens, Robbie Fulks -- all on Yep Roc Records. (And it looks like they've signed Bob Mould. Good stuff.)

* Check out the Flaming Lips Fearless Freaks DVD. More good stuff.

Look here in the next few days for some posts from DLWS. Turks & Caicos to follow in mid-June.



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