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Saturday, June 18, 2005

SKB Placeholder

I don't know if I'm getting hits thanks to the flap about the coerced outing of South Knox Bubba, but I thought that I would leave this space as an accomodation to Brian Conley, Ellen Mallernee, Molly Kincaid, or anyone else interested in taking any personal stuff with me where it belongs: to me. I am in SKB's blogroll and I do leave my blog in my signature over there, so logically, maybe someone will saunter over here and decide to leave a comment.

I'll offer a weak apology here: I'm sorry if you were offended by my (admittedly pointed) remarks. Seems like I hit a nerve, otherwise you wouldn't worry about being called "skeeze" or "skanks" or "Buffys" or "overindulged" or whatever it was that I said. Seems hardly to matter now.

All this aside, your depth of offense gives you no right to conduct a campaign to destroy someone's career, or to shut them up, or to embarrass them -- especially since your primary beef, Brian, was with the things that I SAID which Bubba let stand. Heck, that'd be like me signing off on an expense report where I knew that my employees were on assignment and driving drunk at the time. I can only assume what your staffers' thoughts on the matter are, since you seem bound and determined to shield them from criticism. Maybe I was overly frank with my thoughts on the quality of that article, but I took some offense of my own. Apparently you're the only one in the universe that has the right to act on that, however.

If you're considering widening your campaign of personal destruction, don't bother. The details of my life are shamefully boring by Knoxville standards, as it were. I'm a photographer by hobby and a sales engineer by trade. I brew my own beer. That's about the most edgy thing I'm into these days.

Thankfully, while I'm not always proud of the things I've said, I have no regrets to follow me through this debacle. While I may have come off like a reactionary, bloviating asshole, at least I've spared myself the indignity of looking like a world-class borderline personality case.


  • At 6/18/2005 7:35 PM , Helles said...

    I did wander over here due to your comments on ranted pretty hard.

    Dude, I think I love you.

  • At 6/18/2005 9:14 PM , Andy said...

    Thanks, Helles. We could all do with more love in this world.

    Good to know someone's checking in.

  • At 6/18/2005 11:40 PM , Anonymous said...

    Conley outed a blogger, but you outed a wanker!


  • At 6/19/2005 12:37 AM , Phoenix Woman said...

    Hey, thanks, dude, and you have nothing for which to apologize.

    The more privileged and conservative the Fourth Estaters get, the more likely they are to pull a Conley. Remember when somebody wrote an e-mail, using his business e-mail address, to Susan (Steno Sue) Schmidt, Ken Starr's favorite Grand Jury secrecy violator? Her response was to e-mail the guy's boss to try and get him in trouble! (Luckily, his boss isn't a jerk.)

  • At 6/19/2005 9:41 AM , egalia said...

    Just imagine if the criticism had to do with something really important, Bubba's house might have been surrounded by goons in jackboots.

    The alt weekly in Nashville has a problem with criticism from blogs too. They need to grow up and get a little humility.

    Wonder how Brian Conley likes his new found fame.

  • At 6/19/2005 7:09 PM , Andy said...

    Just imagine if the criticism had to do with something really important, Bubba's house might have been surrounded by goons in jackboots.

    Well, I imagine that the reason for the stalking had a lot to do with having ammunition in the event Bubba had revealed something completely improper about those real estate dealings. Too bad he shot off his ammunition in response to something completely trivial. (Way to keep the powder dry there, huh?)

    I'm kinda impressed seeing how the blogging community has largely rallied around Bubba, save for Roger Abramson and Bill Hobbs -- but I really didn't expect much of those two anyway. Atrios jumping into the fray was good to see, and gave this story a good bounce on the Internets.

    All papers could use a dose of humility -- that was something that the 4th Estate lost a good while ago. Sad, really.

  • At 2/21/2007 6:00 AM , Anonymous said...

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