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Hair Bow Instructions

  • Barrette clip with tension spring
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Floral or craft wire

Choose the appropriate size hair clip for the child or adult who will be wearing the bow, and remove the tension-spring piece from the bottom. We choose a medium sized clip.
Set the tension-spring aside.
Make a loop with the chosen ribbon, to measure it against the width and length of the clip. We choose a Chiffon 1" Ribbon with picot edges in the color Mauve.
Once your have determined the size of loop that you need for one side of the clip, make another one on the other side.
Taking the long end of the ribbon tail create another loop on the opposite side, that crosses over the center. This loop should be slightly below the first original loop.
Make the last and final loop, by crossing over to the other side. Try to keep the loops fairly even. Cut the ribbon away from the bolt.
Secure the center of the bow, by pinching it tightly. This also creates a very professional looking bow.
Firmly twist a length of floral wire around the center of the bow, and then trim excess wire.
Trim ribbon ends at an angle with sharp scissors.
Place a tiny dab of hot glue on the center of the topside of the barrette clip to affix the bow.
To make the center, cut a separate length of ribbon (the same or contrasting) about 5-6 inches long. Find the center of the ribbon and tie a loose knot.
Place the short ribbon over the wired center of the bow, knot facing up. This can also be done without the knot, just fold the short ribbon in thirds and place over the center of the bow, to cover up the wire.
Fold tails of short ribbon under (to keep the ribbon from fraying), and hot glue to the underside of the clip.
Push the tension-spring back into the underside of the barrette (curved side facing out).
Finished bow.

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