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Created & maintained by:
Gary Reschak, MS, RN, CNN
Secretary, Windy City Chapter
Staff Nurse, Inpatient Dialysis
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
(Created: August 10, 2006)

Updated: April 3, 2015

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Welcome to the Windy City Chapter of the American Nephrology Nurses' Association (ANNA). We are your local ANNA chapter, centered around the Chicago Metropolitan area. Our members are generally from northern Illinois (zipcodes with 1st 3-digits: 600-608, 610 & 611) and as of January 2014, we also welcome members from the Duneland Chapter, IN-338 (zipcodes with 1st 3-digits: 463-466, 479 & 609).

The ANNA serves its members through a national structure of nearly 100 local chapters. Chapters serve as the foundation of the ANNA, making Association services locally available to members. By joining one of the ANNA's expanding networks of chapters, members can promote their professional growth, advance nephrology nursing practice, and positively influence patient outcomes.

Chapters offer ANNA members the opportunity to assume leadership roles at the local level. The ANNA supports chapter leaders in their leadership development by hosting the annual Volunteer Leaders Workshop and many online resources available in the Chapter Officers Only section, on the ANNA website (annanurse.org).

Go to our Events page for a listing of upcoming local and national nephrology related events. Chapter members will also be notified through ANNA Connected e-mail, of any chapter event, so please be sure that the ANNA National Office has your correct and current e-mail address. The Windy City Chapter tries to sponsor 2 events/programs per year.

Be sure to read this quarter's ACST Newletter (scroll further down this page) regarding changes that have been made to the eligibility requirements for the CNN certification exam.

Spring - 2015

The Windy City Chapter is planning on hosting two Dinner/Educational Events this year. Tentative dates are for May and September. The May event will be in the Chicago suburban area and we hope to hold the September event at a location more convenient for our Indiana members, if we get a little more assistance from that area of our chapter. If you would like to help plan our September event, please contact Chapter Secretary, Gary Reschak at 2unicorn7@comcast.net.

Chapter members will be notified through ANNA Connected once any chapter event is confirmed and finalized, so please be sure that your e-mail address is current through the ANNA National website (annanurse.org).

Of course, let's not forget that the ANNA also sponsors two national educational programs: the 46th National Symposium in April and the Fall Meeting in October. Details for these programs will also be on our Events page.

ANNA Quarterly Spotlight Newsletter.

Local ANNA chapters are no longer organized by regions (since 2014). Instead, chapters are now grouped together in an ANNA Chapter Support Team (ACST). The Windy City Chapter belongs to ACST Group 3 (as of April 2015). Click on the following link to read the latest quarterly ACST Spotlight newsletter.
ACST Spotlight Newsletter (January 2015)

Our "Accolades" page, to highlight chapter member's accomplishments, is up and running! See what your fellow chapter members have been doing and then click on "Contact Us" and let us know what you've accomplished!

Questions? Suggestions? News of your own to report? Take a chance to get more involved with a bunch of fun loving nephrology nurses! Click on the "Contact Us" page and let us know what we can do for you or what you can do for us. A chapter is only as informative and as fun as it's most active members. Get involved! Contact us!

Please do check the website for updates (at least every other month), and please do keep your e-mail addresses current with the ANNA National Ofiices as we use the ANNA Connected and this website as our primary means of communication.