Annis Vilas Pratt


Annis Pratt was a Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she published three non-fiction books on mythology. In 1990 she threw her full professorship out of the window and moved to Michigan as a writer and community activist. Her sailing adventures along the New England coast and her canoeing and kayaking explorations of Midwestern rivers and lakes provide the setting for her environmental fiction. These speculative historical fantasies are suitable for the Young Adult genre.

Global warming leaves us in despair for the earth. What human-engendered evils threaten our beloved planet? Can ordinary people do anything about it? Annis Pratt’s novels are compelling reads about a self-sustaining folk who seek harmony with their watery landscape and are creatively practical, always looking for new ways to fish, farm, irrigate, forage, and weave. Their enemies seek to dominate women and nature, pursue technology out of greed, and govern by male domination and military force.