The Children's Book Council of Australia aims to foster children's enjoyment of books. This is achieved through promoting high standards in book reviewing, by supporting children's library services, by organizing exhibitions and activities during Children's Book Week, by providing information and encouragement to authors and illustrators, and by sponsoring the Children's Book of the Year Awards. A shortlist of six titles is chosen in each of five categories and a winner is selected for each category.  The Awards are presented annually in August for a book written by an Australian, or a resident of Australia. The winners of the Children's Book of the Year for Older Readers (12 to mid-teen years old) are listed below.


2003 Markus Zusak The Messenger
2002 Sonya Hartnett Forest
2001 Judith Clarke Wolf on the Fold
2000 Nick Earls 48 Shades of Brown
1999 Phillip Gwynne Deadly, Unna?
1998 Catherine Jinks Eye to Eye
1997 James Moloney A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove
1996 Catherine Jinks Pagan's Vows
1995 Gillian Rubenstein Foxspell
1994 Isobelle Carmody The Gathering
1994 Cary Crew Angel's Gate
1993 Melina Marchetta Looking for Alibrandi
1992 Eleanor Nilsson The House Guest
1991 Gary Crew Strange Objects
1990 Robin Klein Came Back to Show You I Could Fly
1989 Gilian Rubenstein Beyond the Labyrinth
1988 John Marsden So Much to Tell You
1987 Simon French All We Know
1986 Thurley Fowler The Green Wind 
1985 James Aldridge The True Story of Lilli Stubeck
1984 Patricia Wrightson A Little Fear
1983 Victor Kelleher Master of the Grove
1982 Colin Thiele The Valley Betweeen
1981 Ruth Park Playing Beatie Bow
1980 Lee Harding Displaced Person
1979 Ruth Manley The Plum-Rain Scroll
1978 Patricia Wrightson The Ice is Coming
1977 Eleanor Spence The October Child
1976 Ivan Southall Fly West
1975 No Award  
1974 Patricia Wrightson The Nargun and the Stars
1973 Noreen Shelly Family at the Lookout
1972 Hesba F. Brinsmead Longtime Passing
1971 Ivan Southall Bread and Honey
1970 Annette Macarthur-Onslow Uhu
1969 Margaret Balderson When Jays Fly to Barbmo
1968 Ivan Southall To the Wild Sky
1967 Mavis Thorpe Clark The Min Min
1966 Ivan Southall Ash Road
1965 Hesba F. Brinsmead Pastures of the Blue Crane
1964 Eleanor Spence The Green Laurel
1963 Joan Phipson The Family Conspiracy
1962 H. L. Evers The Racketty Street Gang
1962 Joan Woodbery Rafferty Rides a Winner
1961 Nan Chauncey Tangara
1960 Kylie Tennant All the Proud Tribesmen
1959 Nan Chauncey Devil's Hill
1959 John Gunn Sea Menace
1958 Nan Chauncey Tiger in the Bush 
1957 Enid Moore-Heddle The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales
1956 Patricia Wrightson The Crooked Snake
1955 H. A. Lindsay & N.B. Tindale The First Walkabout
1954 K.L. Parker Australian Legendary Tales
1953 J.H. & W.D. Martin Aircraft of Today and Tomorrow
1953 Joan Phipson Good Luck to the Rider
1952 Eve Pownall The Australia Book
1951 Ruth Williams Verity of Sydney Town
1950 Alan Villiers Whalers of the Midnight Sun
1949 No Competition  
1948 Frank Hurley Shackleton's Argonauts
1947 No Award  
1946 Leslie Rees The Story of Karrawingi the Emu