The Children's Book Council of Australia aims to foster children's enjoyment of books. This is achieved through promoting high standards in book reviewing, by supporting children's library services, by organizing exhibitions and activities during Children's Book Week, by providing information and encouragement to authors and illustrators, and by sponsoring the Children's Book of the Year Awards. A shortlist of six titles is chosen in each of five categories and a winner is selected for each category.  The Awards are presented annually in August for a book written by an Australian, or a resident of Australia. The winners of the Children's Picture Book of the Year (0-5 years old)  are listed below.


2003 Brian Harrison-Lever & Norman Jorgensen (text) In Flanders Fields
2002 Armin Greder & Libby Gleeson (text) An Ordinary Day
2001 Ron Brooks & Margaret Wild (text) Fox
2000 Anne Spudvilas & Margaret Wild (text) Jenny Angel
1999 Shaun Tan & John Marsden (text) The Rabbits
1998 Junko Morimoto & Isao Morimoto (trans.) The Two Bullies
1997 Elizabeth Honey Not a Nibble
1996 Narelle Oliver The Hunt
1995 Steven Woolman & Gary Crew (text) The Watertower
1994 Peter Gouldthorpe & Gary Crew (text) First Light
1993 Bob Graham Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarden
1992 Jeannie Baker Window
1991 Bob Graham Greetings from Sandy Beach
1990 Julie Vivas & Margaret Wild (text) The Very Best of Friends
1989 Jane Tanner & Allan Baillie (text) Drac and the Gremlin
1988 Bob Graham Crusher is Coming
1987 Junko Morimoto, Adapted by Helen Smith Kojuro and the Bears
1986 Terry Denton Felix & Alexander
1985 No Award  
1984 Pamela Allen Bertie and the Bear
1983 Pamela Allen Who Sank the Boat?
1982 Jan Ormerod Sunshine
1981 No Award  
1980 Peter Pavey One Dragon's Dream
1979 Percy Trezie & Dick Roughsey The Quinkins
1978 Ron Brooks & Jenny Wagner (text) John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat
1977 No Award  
1976 Dick Roughsey The Rainbow Serpent
1975 Quentin Hole & A.B. Paterson (text) The Man from Ironback
1974 Ron Brooks & Jenny Wagner (text) The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
1973 No Award  
1972 No Award  
1971 Desmond Digby & A.B. Paterson (text) Waltzing Matilda
1970 No Award  
1969 Ted Greenwood & Ivan Southall (text) Sly Old Wardrobe
1968 No Award  
1967 No Award  
1966 No Award  
1965 Elisabeth MacIntyre Hugo's Zoo
1964 No Award  
1963 No Award  
1962 No Award  
1961 No Award  
1960 No Award  
1959 No Award  
1958 Axel Poignant Piccaninny Walkabout
1957 No Award  
1956 Sheila Hawkins & Peggy Barnard (text) Wish and the Magic Nut