The John Burroughs Association was formed in 1921 shortly after the great naturalist and author died. The aim of the Association is to foster a love of nature as exemplified by Burrough's life and work and to preserve the places associated with his life. Each year the Association awards a medal to the author of a distinguished book of natural history, a list of exceptional natural history books for young readers is selected, and an outstanding nature essay is identified. Presentations of these literary awards are made during the annual meeting of the association on the first Monday of April. The winners of the medal for a distinguished book of natural history are shown in the following table.


2002 Ken Lamberton & Richard Shelton Wilderness and Razor Wire
2001 David M. Carroll Swampwalker's Journal
2000 Bernd Heinrich Mind of the Raven
1999 Jan DeBlieu Wind: How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth, and the Land
1998 John Alcock In a Desert Garden
1997 David Quammen The Song of the Dodo
1996 Bill Green Water, Ice and Stone
1995 Craig Packer Into Africa
1994 David G. Campbell The Crystal Desert: Summers in Antarctica
1993 Vincent Dethier Crickets and Katydids, Concerts and Solos
1992 Kenneth S. Norris Dolphin Days
1991 Richard Nelson The Island Within
1990 John McPhee The Control of Nature
1989 Lawrence Kilham On Watching Birds
1988 Tom Horton & Charles R. Hazard (illus.) Bay Country
1987 Michael Robert Pyle Wintergreen
1986 Gary Paul Nabhan Gathering the Desert
1985 Mark & Delia Owens Cry of the Kalahari
1984 David Rains Wallace The Klamath Knot
1983 Alexander F. Skutch A Naturalist on a Tropical Farm
1982 Peter Matthiessen Sand Rivers
1981 Mary Durant & Michael Harwood On the Road with John James Audubon
1980 No Award  
1979 Barry Holstun Lopez Of Wolves and Men
1978 Ruth Kirk The American Southwest Desert
1977 Aldo Leopold A Sand County Almanac
1976 Ann Haymond Zwinger Run, River, Run
1975 No Award  
1974 Sigurd F. Olson Wilderness Days
1973 Elizabeth Barlow The Forests and Wetlands of New York City
1972 Robert S. Arbib The Lord's Woods
1971 John K. Terres From Laurel Hill to Siler's Bog
1970 Victor B. Scheffer The Year of the Whale
1969 Louise de Kiriline Lawrence The Lovely and the Wild
1968 Hal Borland Hill Country Harvest
1967 Charlton Ogburn Jr. The Winter Beach
1966 Louis Darling The Gull's Way
1965 Paul Brooks Roadless Area
1964 John Hay The Great Beach
1963 Adolph Murie A Naturalist in Alaska
1962 George Miksch Sutton Iceland Summer
1961 Loren C. Eiseley The Firmament of Time
1960 John Kieran A Natural History of New York City
1959 No Award  
1958 Robert Porter Allen On the Trail of the Vanishing Birds
1957 Archie Fairly Carr The Windward Road
1956 Guy Murchie Song of the Sky
1955 Wallace B, Grange & Olaus J. Murie (illus.) Those of the Forest
1954 Joseph Wood Krutch The Desert Year
1953 Gilbert Klingel The Bay
1952 Rachel Carson The Sea Around Us
1951 No Award  
1950 Roger Tory Peterson Birds Over America
1949 Helen G. Cruickshank Flight Into Sunshine
1948 Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher Driftwood Valley
1947 No Award  
1946 Mr, & Mrs. Francis Lee Jaques Snowshoe Country
1945 Rutherford Platt This Green World
1944 No Award  
1943 Edwin Way Teale Near Horizons
1942 Edward A. Armstrong Birds of the Grey Wind
1941 Louis J. Halle Jr. Birds Against Men
1940 Arthur Cleveland Bent Life Histories of North American Birds
1939 Gilbert T. Pearson Adventures in Bird Protection
1938 Robert Cushman Murphy Oceanic Birds of South America
1937 No Award  
1936 Charles Crawford Gorst Recordings of Bird Calls
1935 No Award  
1934 W. W. Christman Wild Pasture Pine
1933 Oliver P. Medsger Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
1932 Frederick S. Dellenbaugh A canyon Voyage
1931 No Award  
1930 Archibald Rutledge Peace in the Heart
1929 Frank M. Chapman Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America
1928 John Russell McCarthy Nature Poems
1927 Ernest Thompson Seton Lives of Game Animals
1926 William Beebe Pheasants of the World