Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction
                  TOM ALLEN

The Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction is the only such award in Canada. The $3,000 annual award was established by the writer and literary journalist Edna Staebler in 1991 to encourage and recognize the Canadian writer of a first or second published book. The book must have a Canadian locale or a particular Canadian significance.
Creative non-fiction is literary rather than journalistic. The writer does not merely give information, but intimately shares an experience with the reader by telling a factual story with the devices of fiction, original research, well-crafted interpretive writing, personal discovery or experience, the creative use of language or approach to the subject matter, dialogue, and narrative.


2002 Tom Allen Rolling Home: A Cross-Canada Railroad Memoir
2001 Taras Grescoe Sacre Blues: An Unsentimental Journey Through Quebec
2000 Wayson Choy Paper Shadows: A Chinatown Childhood
1999 Michael Poole Romancing Mary Jane: A Year in the Life od a Failed Marijuana Grower
1998 Charlotte Graqy Mrs. King: The Life and Times of Isabel Mackenzie King
1997 Anne Mullens Timely Death: Considering Our Last Rights
1996 George G. Blackburn The Guns of Normandy: A Soldier's Eye View, France 1944
1995 Denise Chong The Concubine's Children: Portrait of a Family Divided
1994 Linda Johns Sharing a Robin's Life
1993 Liza Potvin White Lies (For My Mother)
1993 Elizabeth Hay The Only Snow in Havana
1992 Marie Wadden Nitassinan
1991 Susan Mayse Ginger