The Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards are made to encourage and recognise outstanding achievements in the publishing and writing of books on the art, practice and technology of photography and the moving image. Awards for books on the moving image (film, television and video) alternate annually with those for books on still photography. No awards were made for 1989-1991 and 1986-1987.


2002 Photography Larry J. Schaaf The Photographic Art of William Henry Fox Talbot
2002 Photography Peter Hamilton, Roger Hargreaves The Beautiful and the Damnes: The Creation of Identity in Nineteenth Century Photography
2001 Moving Image Pearl Bowser, Louise Spence Writing Himself into History: Oscar Micheaux, His Silent Films and Audiences
2001 Moving Image Richard Rickitt Special Effects: The History and Technique
2000 Photography Boris Mikhailov Case History
2000 Photography Sidney F. Ray Scientific Photography and Applied Imaging
1999 Moving Image James Naremore More than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts
1999 Moving Image R.W. Burns Television: An International History of the Formative Years
1998 Photography Herbert Molderings Umbo: Otto Umbehr, 1902-1980
1997 Moving Image Richard Taylor The Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques
1997 Moving Image Ruth Vasey The World According to Hollywood, 1918-1939
1996 Photography Eve Arnold In Retrospect
1996 Photography Larry J. Schaaf Records of the Dawn of Photography: Talbot's Notebooks 
P & Q
1995 Moving Image Mark Litwak Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry: From Negotiations to Final Contracts
1995 Moving Image Nicholas Negroponte Being Digital
1995 Moving Image Robert Sklar Film: An International History of the Medium
1994 Photography Jack H. Coote The Illustrated History of Colour Photography
1994 Photography Giles Mora, John T. Hill Walker Evans: The Hungry Eye
1994 Photography Eugene Richards Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue
1993 Moving Image John Belton Widescreen Cinema
1993 Moving Image Ian Jarvie Hollywood's Overseas Campaign
1993 Moving Image Russell Merritt, J.B. Kaufman Waly in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney
1992 Photography Jeannine Fielder Photography at the Bauhaus
1992 Photography Larry J. Schaaf Out of the Shadows: Herschel, Talbot and the Invention of Photography
1992 Photography John P. Vetter Biomedical Photography
1988 Photography Paul Barkshire Paul Barkshire's Unexplored London
1985 Photography Ben Maddow Let Truth Be the Prejudice: W. Eugene Smith, His Life and Photography
1985 Photography Lennart Nilsson, Stig Nordfeldt, Kjell Lindqvist Kroppen Forsvar/ Human Body's Defence 
1985 Photography Bernard F. Stehle Incurably Romantic