A Recommended Reading List from the 
Imperial War Museum

The Department of Books of the Imperial War Museum in London have prepared a recommended reading list (No. 134) on the Royal Marines. The preface to this January 23, 2001 list states: "This is not a complete bibliography but a selected list of items that should prove particularly useful and be relatively widely available."


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George A. Brown Commando Gallantry Awards of World War II. 1991
Colin John Bruce Invaders: British and American Experience of Seaborne Landings, 1939-1945. 1999
Horace Bruckshaw The Diaries of Private Horace Bruckshaw, 1915-16. 1979
Ian Dear Marines at War. 1982
Brian Edwards Marines from the Medway: The Story Behind Their Memorials in the Medway Towns. 1998
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J.A. Good, compiler A Register of Royal Marines War Deaths, 1939-1945. 1986-87
A. Cecil Hampshire The Secret Navies. 1978
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P.K.W. Johnson The Story of 46 Commando, Royal Marines. 1946
James D. Ladd S.B.S. the Invisible Raiders: The History of the Special Boat Squadron from World War Two to the Present. 1983
James D. Ladd Inside the Commandos: A Pictorial History from World War Two to the Present. 1984
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