Trescott for Maryland State Senate
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  • Over 25 years of dedicated public service: balancing budgets worth millions of dollars, managing over 100 employees, and ensuring armories and readiness centers are operational to support our troops.
  • Knows the state legislative system: how a bill is introduced, sponsored, and becomes a law, collaborating with both parties, experience testifying at hearings and committees.
  • Will truly practice “Leadership for the 21st Century” – making tough decisions with you! It’s about citizen loyalty, not party loyalty.
    What are your qualifications for this office?

    I have dedicated over 25 years of my life to public service. I understand state government and the collaborative efforts necessary to work with local and federal agencies, business and local communities to serve the people. Government must work for the people, not self-perpetuate itself.

    What are your legislative priorities?

    I believe that government must work “smarter” and I will work to invigorate a new sense of responsibility and accountability within state government. Government has become big business and forgotten that it responsibility is to represent the interests of the citizens.

    What are your transportation priorities, and how should they be funded?

    Local transportation priorities should reflect the needs of the community. It should support business opportunity and community growth while balancing the needs of the citizenry with the needs for smart growth. State priorities must reflect an integrative approach that ensures fiscal responsibility while meeting the demands of the citizens.

    Do you support any changes in Maryland’s business tax structure? If so, what changes would you endorse?

    Each year businesses leave because the price to conduct business in this state is too HIGH; this is unacceptable. Maryland needs business to provide jobs for our citizens, who in turn purchase goods and services to sustain their families and communities. Business is the fuel that makes Maryland a success.

    In light of the cuts to services for vulnerable populations, legislation has been proposed to increase beer, wine and liquor taxes. Would you support this proposal or any other means to restore funds for these services? Please explain.

    During the last snow storm, we relied on our friends and neighbors to help push snow or pick up groceries. Helping each other is the foundation that makes our country and state – great. State spending must be balanced to support its citizens; not balanced on the back of our citizens.

    How should state government work with local governments to solve the crisis in funding for public K-12 education?

    There is not a short answer to this complex question and the stakes are too high – our children’s future and the future of this state depend on quality education. Is funding important? Absolutely. But collaborative involvement with parents, communities, and educators is even more important.

    How should Maryland address its future energy needs?

    Smarter government must be creative to discover new ways to conserve and reduce energy consumption which reduces government spending. Sustainability is the answer; it is about balancing the needs of the people with the resources of the people. No citizen should be cold, hungry, or without shelter.

Lou Trescott
  • Smarter Government: government that works for the people and solves problems in creative ways

    Smarter government means getting business, farmers, and banks back to the table; working to re-opening lines of credit; tax incentives and credits; and incubators to assist small businesses.

  • Education: maintaining our national leadership for our children’s education; learning new skills and acquiring new abilities to function in a new economy

    Funding for K-12 Education; Incentives for College/Vocational schools

  • Economic Growth: balancing the state budget; partnering with private industry to ensure jobs and businesses grow in Maryland

    Together, smarter government and education grow and sustain our economy.

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