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Aoenla Darkwood

Ranger, Tunare Server

What's New, 10-5-2002

Hehe, wow it's been a while since I updated this page...!  Thank you to everyone who continues to write with suggestions and compliments and screenshots.

Added a handy quick-reference recipe for the Blessed Faydark Thunderbolt, available via a link on the "Bows" page, or you can jump directly there using this link.

See you ingame!

What's New, 5-17-2002

YES!  I am aware of all the wonderful and neat and highly FUN changes put in for wood elf cultural fletching!

NO!  I am not a wood elf!

SO!  I intend to simply IGNORE all those changes in protest.  Nyah!

(hehe, I'll update the site soon....I guess...)

What's New, 4-1-2002

At the behest of several, I've added a screenshot showing off my ivy armor in new graphics to the bottom of the page.  (Although my ivy has long since been eclipsed in utility, I remain very fond of it, hehe...)

What's New, 2-10-2002

Added a Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have a question that you aren't sure about, chances are someone else has wondered too, and the answer just might be in the FAQ.

What's New, 1-30-2002



Jykferth the Fletcher

First Fletcher in Everquest to fletching skill 250!!

What's New, 1-20-2002

Minor update.  I included a brief discussion on the to the Bows section.

What's New, 1-6-2002

Added the recipes for the regular and fleeting tailored quivers.

What's New, 12-26-2001

Well, I have finally gotten around to doing what I have been meaning to do for some time now, and that is give the ol' site a serious makeover.  Much of the material remains the same, although I've made an effort to clean up bits and pieces here and there that may have been true or made sense when I originally wrote them, but are no longer true with recent changes.

I've also finally gotten around to adding in information about a bunch of the dropped bows available in the game (in particular the velious bows), and of course, I've added what I know to this point about the new arrow types that are now craftable.

With this makeover I've departed from my original design, which was to intentionally have the guide on one big page, so you didn't have to select a whole bunch of individual pages in order to get them all printed.  That design still has some merit, but I felt like the size of that original page was just getting too large, and so I've broken it up across a few pages, reachable via the nifty buttons at the top of each page.

Any comments?  Corrections?  Additions?  Send them here.