Here is a collection of Green Hornet and Kato props weaponry photos, again collected from many different sources, and as stated there were many variations and copies made each with subtle differences so no one individual item can be called the "prop" to be copied from. These include:

The following group of 7 photos are actual pictures of screen used props!








An original Green Hornet Sting went up for auction in December 2011 and sold for a reported $10,000 It was stated to be 1" diameter metal expandable baton with lockable collar at the top end and discrete folding handle. The sting is 12" long when closed and extends to a full 32" long
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as did an original Hornet Gas Gun (did not sell) stated made of carved wood and metal with a discrete spring-loaded door at the base of the grip. 9.5" long and 5" tall.
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The Hornet Gas Gun

The Hornet Sting
Details showing the flip open cap with light, the foldable handle, the end tip. It appears to have 5 telescoping segments coming out from the basic unit. The size closed is approx. 14.5", extended approx. 42" The tv series shows this telescoping action to be automatic (maybe co2 activated) or later just a wrist flick to extend!

Below, an early Sting version showing a finger grip handle, later changed, also a test photo of one of the Hornet Gas Guns

Another early Sting version/variation, notice large handle and 5 telescoping segments.

Later Sting, thinner with tip, again 5 telescoping segments.

click for the Hornet Sting sound in .mp3 format

A Kevin Gaunt replica Sting: Click for other pictures with instruction and maintenance sheet!

There was an accurate replica (pictured above) made in very limited numbers (maybe 10?) in the early 90's. Very hard to find and expensive that includes a sound chip. For a prop device try finding a long tactical baton or a camera/telescope tripod/monopod leg that can be modified. I've even seen some cheap Star Wars plastic LightSabers that could work.

Factory Entertainment has in the past year 2011 release a limited edition Van Williams signed and unsigned Gas Gun and Kato Dart. They have also announced a possible release of the Green Hornet Sting prop.

The Green Hornet/Britt Reid's watch can be used as a voice communicator with the Black Beauty or to activate the "buzz" signal in District Attorney Scanlon's glasses
The Trouble for prince Charming

item #WX@-92366
click for a brass WWII style pocket watch for $39.97, a nice example, however it is a little too small in size!

Britt Reid/Green Hornet's timed explosive belt buckle
Eat, Drink and Be Dead
The phone scrambler/security device
The Frog Is A Deadly Weapon;Freeway to Death

The Green Hornet's Flashlight
Give 'Em Enough Ropephoto provided by Karl Kirchnerphoto provided by Karl Kirchner

The Green Hornet's Secret Compartment Ring

Seen in episode "The Silent Gun", concealed in the GH's topcoat pocket and used as a homing transmitter picked up by the Black Beauty.

Kato's throwing darts

Flare Grenade
Give Em Enough Rope
The Gas Masks

Kato checks his gas mask in "Beautiful Dreamer"
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