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     The Castro District, more or less runs along the former Castro Street Cable Car line. The Castro district has been a Mecca for individuality since the 1960's. A middle class neighborhood, it draws a unique blend of people that make up its pop culture and identify. It is so much known for its expressiveness that thousands of people flock there for the official, unofficial, Castro Street Halloween party. The homes of the Castro are no exception. They tend to be colorful and unique. So I've provided some pictures of them here.

   The Castro is also near the mission district. The movie theater reflects this proximity by its beautiful Spanish Mission design. I've included the theater on an adjoining page because even though it is in the Castro, it deserves a page of its own because of its design.

   If you have any comments or any information with regards to this church, please feel free to e-mail me .

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Castle Like Victorian


Cool Blue



Neat Tower

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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright December 20, 1998