Kerkira NotesKerkira (Corfu Town)Photos
     Kérkira is the main town on Corfu and is the name to which the Greeks refer to Corfu by. Kérkira is located in the back of a protected harbor protected by two fortresses (known as the Paleo and Neo Frourio).

     My guidebook says that the Paleo Frourio is the site of the earliest fortifications on the island. (an ancient acropolis?) Over time, the town grew and the fortifications were rebuilt. By the middle of the Venetian period, the town had grown outside the walls of the fortification into a typical Venetian settlement. (I didn't take that many pictures, but it is much like Nauplion on the mainland and Chania on Crete.) The Venetians eventually added a second fortress on the other side of the harbor. The two fortresses thus guarded the entryway into the harbor. Today Corfu town is a nice example of Venetian period architecture. It's nice for a little stroll, however I still recommend heading to the north as soon as possible.

     On my first trip I spent little time in Corfu town. I was spirited away by the eager hosts at the Bella Vista in the mountains to the North of the town. This is good because I otherwise would have missed the northwest coast of Corfu. In fact all that I can recall from Kerkira on my first trip were the two fortresses and a smoking war ship (I later learned that this was was the day that Greek P.T. boats escorted a boat into a port in Albaina in an attempt to get westerners out). On my second trip to corfu, I did spend some time touring Kerkira. The town is a pleasant place to visit, with typical Greek shops along Venetian streets. The castles are interesting to climb for their views of the city and the sea.

    A short walk from Kerkira is Kanoni. From here, you can enjoya good view of the Ioian Sea, as well as of two islets from a platform built by Napoleon's soldiers as a battery to protect the small harbor here. You can access the first island, Vlaherna, by a series of stairs. At the bottom you find the Monastery of Vlaherna. Across the bay is an island called Pondikonissi. THis island, also called Mouse Island, is said to be the ship o Odysseus which was turned to stone by a vengeful and angry sea god (Poseidon) I hope you enjoy my photos. Any comments, please E-mail me,

Neo Frourio

Church in Town

Another Church

Inside the Paleo Frourio

View of the town

Palace of St. Michael and St. George

View of Harbor from Paleo Frourio

Saint George Church


Mouse Island

Vlaherna Monastery

Mouse and Vlherna islands

Vlaherna Monastery

Sunrise from the Italian Ferry

Blue Sea


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