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Strength Rating for Bows

A discussion on the Steve Jackson Games Forums with Tiger Maggot, Douglas Cole, Luther, and Rolando created the following house rule.

Bows have a ST rating. Ignore the bows listed in Basic set, and replace them with the bows listed here.

Archery skill increases a character's effective ST for Archery. If you have the Bow skill at DX level, add +1 to your ST for determining Range and Damage. If you have the Bow skill at DX+1 level, add +2 to your ST. No further increase is possible. Very strong characters (ST 20+) can treat the +1 ST and +2 ST as a 10% or 20% increase in ST, respectively. 

Archers can use bows at or below their effective strength (adjusted for skill, as above) at no penalty.

Using a bow that is higher in ST than the character's ST score requires extra effort resulting in lost fatigue. Furthermore, no aiming is possible with bows above your effective ST. 

Target Shooting

Shooting at a competition target at a given range counts as an average technique.

Target Shooting (Average)
Defaults to: Combat Sport (Bow) or Bow. Can not exceed Combat Sport (Bow) + 4 or Bow + 4.
Specify the Range when buying an instance of this Technique.

For example, Target Shooting (Bow, 60 yards).