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Custom Talents

For each of these, I've listed what the common trait is that links the Talent together as well as a listing of several character archetypes to which the talent could apply.

Student of Humanity (5 Points/ Level)

Skills: Acting, Body Language, Detect Lies, Observation, and Psychology.
Reaction Bonus: Anyone who can observe you putting the skills to use.
Common Trait: A keen eye for human nature.
Applicability: ace detective, professional gambler, con man, or method actor

Inquiring Mind (5 Points/ Level)

Skills: Criminology, Cryptography, Forensics, Games, Intelligence Analysis, Traps.
Reaction Bonus: Law enforcement, criminals, game players.
Common trait: an analytical mind adept at solving puzzles and mysteries.
Applicability: ace detective, adventurer archaeologist, or fantasy thief.

Wordsmith (5 points/ level) 

Skills: Poetry, Propaganda, Public Speaking, Sex Appeal, and Writing.
Reaction Bonus: Anyone listening to you speak for an extended period (several minutes) or critiquing your work.
Common trait: an innate knack for creating clever or memorable turns of phrase.
Applicability: medieval bard, modern-era journalist, or fire-and-brimstone preacher.

Gearhead  (10 points/ level)

Skills: Computer Operation, Computer Programming, Electrician, Electronics Repair, Engineer, Machinist, and Mechanic.
Reaction Bonus: Technophiles and anyone you do work for.
Common trait: an intuitive understanding of how machines work.
Applicability: Weird science inventor, starship engineer, or cyberpunk hacker.

Got a custom talent you want me to add to this list? Drop me a line!