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Technique Pricing

The pricing of Techniques in 4e is a little problematic. It's almost always a better deal to buy up the main skill unless you're really focused on a single technique. I'd like techniques to be able to provide more differentiation than that, so I'm adopting the following pricing for the time being (until the release of Martial Arts, 4e).

The following pricing scheme was suggested by Ze'Manel Cunha on the sjgames forums. Under this scheme, treat Off Hand Weapon Training as an easy technique.

Skill Level Easy Average Hard
Default 0 0 0
Default+1 - - 1
Default+2 1 1 2
Default+3 - 2 3
Default+4 2 3 4
Default+5 - 4 5
Default+6 3 5 6

Original Techniques

These Techniques are my own additions. Some techniques that are unique to a particular style in my gameworld are introduced in the section on styles.

Pursue (Hard)
Defaults to DX-3 or Acrobatics-3; Cannot exceed DX or Acrobatics Skill

When fighting on foot, Pursue allows a warrior to maintain weapon distance from a retreating foe. After scoring a hit from which your opponent retreats, you may announce that you are pursuing. This declaration should be made before your opponent makes his defense roll and you see the results of your blow.

You may only pursue a single opponent, and pursue may not be used to maintain close combat with an enemy who has left it. If you fail your roll, you are off-balance (-1 to active defenses and you may not retreat on your turn).

Ride By (Average)
Defaults to Weapon-1; Cannot exceed Weapon skill+1 or Riding Skill

The ride by maneuver is used when striking from horseback with a melee weapon as described in the GURPS Campaigns on page 397. It is used to overcome the to hit penalty assesed when the velocity of your mount is 7 or more relative to your target.

Techniques from Swashbucklers, 3rd Edition

Most of the Techniques from Swashbucklers (which, by the way is excellent and can be downloaded from e23) can be included in 4e without any changes. 

The following Techniques (including those from 4e) are found in my game.

Attack and Fly Out

Use as written


The quick-contest to free a weapon from an opponent's bind is a ST-based contest of weapon skill versus bind skill. Retreating still gives +2.

Close Combat

Allows the use of reach 1 weapons in close combat. Has no effect on weapons with reach C.

Corps-a-Corps (Body to Body)

Represents grappling, holding and all sorts of other ways to give your enemy the business while in close combat. The quick contest to escape Corps-a-Corps is a ST-based contest of weapon skill+2 versus opponent's Corps-a-Corps.


Use as written.


Use as written. When an NPC feints against a PC, I announce the feint, and we both go ahead and roll. The NPC's roll, however, is kept secret. So a PC fighter that makes a lousy roll in the quick contest has a sense that he's out of position, off balance, or whatever that represents and can react accordingly in the next round.


Use as written.

Retain Weapon

Use as written.


Use as written.