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Sorcery is the Realm of the physical: The traditional magical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, the substance of Food, and the mysterious art of Transformation. It is the realm most often taught to warriors: Knights of Sorcery and traditional Battle Mages.

The colleges of Sorcery are:

Sorcery Ritual

Sorcery does not have highly restrictive rituals. Casters must speak in a clear, loud, voice; if the caster must hold down his voice, there is a -5 penalty to skill. Also, Complex hand gestures are needed to avoid a -5 penalty to the casterís skill. So, they must keep their hands free and unencumbered, but are not affected by the wearing of bulky clothing like armor.

Sorcery Modifiers

Soft Speech  -5
No Speech Impossible
No Gestures -5
Half Time -5 each
Distractions Variable