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Thaumaturgy is the realm of auras. The Thaumaturge attempts to understand objects and people through their auras, rather than through physical or spiritual structure. The Thaumaturge is capable of unexplained miracles. The colleges within Thaumaturgy are:

Thaumaturgy Ritual

All Thaumaturges require an enchanted staff or wand, enchanted with the staff spell. In the Shieldlands' guild of mages, the staff is also symbol of rank: apprentices carry only wands and journeymen only simple and unadorned staves. A master may add some decoration to his staff such as a headpiece, carvings, or bands of iron or precious metal. A Thaumaturge will use a staff to interact with and analyze the aura of his subject without altering it with his personal aura. Therefore, the Thaumaturge myst be able to manipulate his staff, making gross movements of his arms and hands. Thaumaturgy is aided by speech, but can be done without. The Thaumaturge is also wholly dependent upon sight. If the Thaumaturge can not see, he can not cast.

Thaumaturges tend towards simple dress as a practical matter: basic robes made from undyed fabrics. Complex garments (including, but not limited to armor) are a distraction. Armor always carries a negative modifier equivalent to its encumberance level, but the GM may rule that more complex armors (articulated plates, chainmail) carry an additional negative modifier. The GM will rule on the distraction level of any item worn or carried.

Thaumaturgy Modifiers

Soft Speech  -2
No Speech -4
No Gestures -4
Improvised Staff -5
Half Time -5 each
No Staff -10
No Sight Impossible
Distractions Variable