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Black Diamond XRThompson/Center Arms

"Turn a long shot into a sure thing"
The Black Diamond XRTM. The XR series offers the same great features as the original Black Diamond only with a 26" high-velocity barrel that delivers pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges.

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Black Diamond XR Blued with Rynite Stock
Caliber: .50
Ignition: Flame Thrower TM Ignition for Musket Cap, No.11 Percussion Cap and 209 Shotgun Primer
Barrel Length: 26" with QLA ® Muzzle System.
Rifling Twist: 1 in 28" twist.
O/A Length: 45".
Approx. Wt: 7 lb.
Sights: Competition click adjustable steel rear sight and ramp style front sight are fitted with Tru-Glo TM Fiber Optics.
Trim: Sling Swivel Studs.
Stock: Rynite® stock with molded in checkering or Select American Black Walnut Stock.
Loading: Accepts magnum charges of up to 150 grains of black powder or Pyrodex® equivalent (or 3 Pyrodex® Pellets).
Extra Features: 3 Flame Thrower TM Ignition Systems; one for Musket Cap, one for No.11 Cap and one for 209 Primer; solid aluminum rugged rod, musket nipple wrench, and a 5 pack of T/C Mag Express Sabots.
No. 8958: Black Diamond TM 50 Cal, Blued with Rynite® Stock.
No. 8960: Black Diamond TM 50 Cal, SST with Rynite ® Stock.
Flame Thrower Ignition Systems
T/C's Black Diamond TM comes with 3 interchangeable Flame Thrower TM ignition systems: Musket Cap, No.11 Cap and 209 Shotgun Primer. The special purpose striker allows the use of all three ignition options interchangeably.