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Black DiamondThompson/Center Arms

The Hottest Ignition System Available in a Muzzleloader!
The Black Diamond TM is a modern style in-line muzzleloading rifle which features the hottest and most reliable ignition system available today - and 3 systems are included with each rifle.
The Black Diamond TM provides the shooter with 3 separate and easily interchangeable Flame Thrower TM ignition systems; Musket Cap, No.11 cap and 209 Shotgun Primer.
The choice of the ignition system is up to the shooter, but whether it's for Musket Caps, No.11 Caps or #209 Primers, each of these systems will deliver 3 times more fire into the powder charge than conventional primers deliver.
T/C's Flame Thrower TM nipples direct 80% of the priming fire into the main powder charge (a standard nipple directs only 50%). The patented (No.5,907,920) design of the Flame Thrower TM Nipple throws a "Ring of Fire" into the powder charge, in addition to the central core of fire which hits the powder simultaneously. 300% more fire means sure fire ignition in even the most adverse weather conditions you will encounter.

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Black Diamond Blued with Composite Stock Black Diamond Blued with Walnut Stock
Black Diamond Stainless Steel with Composite Stock
Caliber: .50
Ignition: Flame ThrowerTM Ignition for Musket Cap, No.11 Percussion Cap and 209 Shotgun Primer
Barrel Length: 22 1/2" with QLA® Muzzle System.
Rifling Twist: 1 in 28" twist.
O/A Length: 41 1/2".
Approx. Wt: 6 lb. 9oz.
Sights: Competition click adjustable steel rear sight and ramp style front sight are fitted with Tru-GloTM Fiber Optics.
Trim: Sling Swivel Studs.
Stock: Rynite® stock with molded in checkering or Select American Black Walnut Stock.
Loading: Accepts magnum charges of up to 150 grains of black powder or Pyrodex® equivalent (or 3 Pyrodex® Pellets).
Extra Features: 3 Flame ThrowerTM Ignition Systems; one for Musket Cap, one for No.11 Cap and one for 209 Primer; solid aluminum rugged rod, musket nipple wrench, and a 5 pack of T/C Mag Express Sabots.
No. 8942: Black DiamondTM 50 Cal, SST with Rynite® Stock.
No. 8934: Black DiamondTM 50 Cal, Blued with Walnut Stock.
No. 8932: Black DiamondTM 50 Cal, Blued with Rynite® Stock.
Flame Thrower Ignition Systems
T/C's Black DiamondTM comes with 3 interchangeable Flame ThrowerTM ignition systems: Musket Cap, No.11 Cap and 209 Shotgun Primer. The special purpose striker allows the use of all three ignition options interchangeably.
Black Diamond Kit

(1) Rifle Powder Measure
(1) Super Jag
(1) Breech Plug / Nipple Wrench
(1) T-Handle Short Starter
(1) Lube-N-Clean Kit w/patches
(1) U-ViewTM Capper
(1) Ball & Bullet Puller
(1) 209 Capper / Decapper
(2) Quick ShotsTM (Patent# 4,411,088)
(10) Mag ExpressTM Sabots
No. 8952: Black DiamondTM Premium Pack; 50 Cal, Blued with Rynite® Stock.
No. 8962: Black DiamondTM Premium Pack; 50 Cal, SST with Rynite® Stock.