Welcome to my homepage.

Launched 10/10/04 from Portland, Oregon, USA. Last update 10/30/04.

Welcome to my home page. Here you will find an assortment of 'stuff' that interests me. Like most things in life, this also, is a 'work in progress'. I plan to update and add more 'stuff' at least once every month. So please come back again. If you share any of my interests, or not, feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, criticism, your own homepage, broken links, or any other 'stuff' that interests you. I would be pleased if you contact me at ardenDASHcATcomcastDOTnet.

rose link
Do you have a garden? Here are some of the roses planted in ours and other gardening "stuff".

geneaology link
Geneaology "stuff"