Outside, autumn's cool fresh air and sharp blue sky seems perfect, time to cut down those annuals that are spent, stake some rose canes against coming storms, and pause to witness the formation of honking, high flying geese heading south. Happens only once a year.

Gardening is at the top in my list of favorite endeavors. For me it is a necessity of life. It is probably why I found myself making a living for 20 years doing landscape construction and maintenance. Gardening is an opportunity to get intimate with nature. It allows you to join in the rhythms of the seasons, the miraculous cycle of birth, growth, death, and eventual rebirth of life.

Gardening can be very therapeutic, it is a great de-stressor. Gardening can be experienced at every kind of level of ambition. From sprouting alfalfa seeds in a jar on the windowsill to immersing yourself in an acre, or more, of lawns, plants and trees.

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Roses, rants and raves.The roses in my garden.

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